Full RTX 2060 Specs Leaked Via AIB Website

The RTX 2060 has the potential to undermine the RTX 2070's position in the market

Full RTX 2060 Specs Leaked Via AIB Website

Full RTX 2060 Specs Leaked Via AIB Website

The full specifications of Nvidia's RTX 2060 have leaked online, thanks to several product listings over on Manli's website. Manli is an Nvidia AIB partner that is based in Hong Kong, creating products primarily for the Asian market. 

These specifications were first spotted by @momomo_us on Twitter, confirming that the graphics card would feature a 6GB GDDR6 frame buffer, a total of 1,920 CUDA cores and feature a 160W TDP. 

One thing that's worth noting is that the RTX 2060 is remarkably close to the RTX 2070 in terms of raw performance, featuring 384 CUDA cores. This represents a drop of 17% when compared to the RTX 2070, making it possible that overclocked RTX 2060 graphics cards could outperform reference RTX 2070 models. 

Manli's specifications suggest that Nvidia is taking a GTX 1070 Ti approach to this release, forcing all AIBs to ship their graphics cards with the same out of the box base/boost clock speeds, giving AIBs little room to differentiate outside of cooler design. This will prevent custom RTX 2060 GPUs from outperforming low-end RTX 2070 models. 

 Geforce RTX 2080 Ti (FE)Geforce RTX 2080 Ti (Ref)Geforce RTX 2080 (FE)Geforce GTX 2080 (Ref) Geforce RTX 2070 (Fe)
Geforce RTX 2070 (Ref)Manli RTX 2060 Twin FanManli RTX 2060 Blower
CUDA Cores4,3524,3522,9442,944 2,3042,3041,9201,920
Ray Tracing Performance10 Gigarays10 Gigarays8 Gigarays8 Gigarays6 Gigarays6 Gigarays??????
Base Clock
Boost Clock1635MHz1545MHz1800MHz1710MHz1710MHz1620MHz1680MHz1680MHz
Memory Capacity11GB11GB8GB8GB8GB8GB6GB6GB
Memory Speed14Gbps14Gbps14Gbps14Gbps14Gbps14Gbps14Gbps14Gbps
Memory Bandwidth616GB/s616GB/s448GB/s448GB/s448GB/s448GB/S336GB/s336GB/s
Memory Bus Size352-bit352-bit256-bit256-bit
SLIVia NVLinkVia NVLinkVia NVLinkVia NVLinkN/AN/AN/AN/A

Full RTX 2060 Specs Leaked Via AIB Website  

Nvidia is expected to launch their RTX 2060 graphics card during their CES 2019 keynote, revealing the graphics cards pricing and expected performance levels. Existing rumours give this GPU performance levels that are slightly higher than a GTX 1070 Ti, fluctuating above or below that level on a game-by-game basis. 

You can join the discussion on the RTX 2060's Leaked Specifications on the OC3D Forums.  

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Most Recent Comments

05-01-2019, 10:58:43

Looks good, pretty sure it's my next card if the pricing is below 400€.Quote

05-01-2019, 17:20:29

No way that thing can do any meaningful RT. Sorry but I don't buy it as something useful.Quote

05-01-2019, 17:48:06

I mean it's still probably more powerful than a 1070, making it pretty good in price to performance. AMD isn't an option for me due to my monitor so. :P

RT in general isn't meaningful yet, like playing FPS games at 60fps is a joke. But the improved video encoder is quite nice to have!Quote

06-01-2019, 02:38:04

How can this be a 'full' spec leak when there are no gigaray performance numbers
(which I suspect will be 5, compared to the 2070's figure of 6)

..Just sayin, like.Quote

06-01-2019, 06:37:34

Yeah, it'll be 5 for sure
(30/36 RT cores) * (6 GigaRays) = 5 GigaRays
(There's 1 RT core per SM, or 64 CUDA cores)
We can make this assumption since RT performance isn't impacted much by the memory bandwidth & size reduction, which is the largest thing cut about this card, the clocks are negligible differences.

At the end of the day, a 15% cut shouldn't make this pointless with how strong performance has got with updates (For the 1 generally fairly intensive game we've seen so far).

I wouldn't expect this 6GB version to be tooooo far from the 2070 in most aspects, including price, because it just isn't.
They could probably get doable RT from ~4 GigaRays as time goes on(Not super distant) so I wouldn't rule out a 2060 3/4GB with another 192 cores(3 RT units or ~0.5 GigaRays worth) removed still having somewhat useful RT by the time of its launch.Quote

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