Cameron's Encryption Ban will "Destroy the Internet"

Cameron's Encryption Ban will

Cameron's Encryption Ban will

Cameron's Encryption Ban will "Destroy the Internet"


The UK is on track to make one of the biggest technological mistakes possible, banning the use of heavy encryption, making business and personal data insecure and  making the net an exceptionally dangerous place. 

To put things into simple terms Encryption allows you to scramble data in such a way that it cannot be understood without the use of encryption key or password, meaning that the data is safe from thieves, cyber criminals and even company or government snooping. In your day to day life you use it on sites and applications like Facebook and WatsApp. 

Why is David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, proposing such a terrible idea I hear many of you ask, the answer is simple, because of terrorists and pedophiles. David Cameron wants to “ensure that terrorists do not have a safe space in which to communicate.” which is simply a preposterous reason to ban encryption. 

Yes you can ban encryption, but that will only force companies and law-abiding, non tech savvy people to comply, as you will simply never be able to prevent people from installing whatever software they want on their electronics, or from encrypted communications form existing. China, Iran, Syria and many other countries have tried this before, but it simply does not work. 


Cameron's Encryption Ban will   

It is obvious that David Cameron does not fully understand what he is proposing, as what he is trying to implement is next to impossible and will only serve to leave UK people and businesses insecure and leave the Government with a pile of harvested data which will be next to impossible to sort. 

Below is a comment from Bruce Schneier, a highly skilled cryptography and security expert, regarding David Cameron's proposed ban on heavy encryption. 


"My immediate reaction was disbelief, followed by confusion and despair. When I first read about Cameron’s remarks, I was convinced he had no idea what he was really proposing. The idea is so preposterous that it was hard to imagine it being seriously suggested. But while Cameron might not understand what he’s saying, surely he has advisers that do. Maybe he didn’t listen to them. Maybe they aren’t capable of telling him that what he’s saying doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand UK politics sufficiently well to know what was going on in the background. I don’t know anything about Cameron’s tech background. But the only possibly explanation is that he didn’t realize the full extent of what he was saying.

Then I wondered why he would even wish for such a thing? Does he realize that this is the sort of thing that only authoritarian governments do? Again, my knowledge of the UK is limited, but I assume they are a free country that champions liberty."


Cameron's Encryption Ban will

(Does Cameron have any idea what he is doing?)


We need to place hings into simple terms, banning encryption will the government and law enforcement can easily see you communications and everything that is happening online. This is an act that does not trust it's people and simply want to horde as much data as possible. 

Criminals will not stop using encryption simply because it is banned, if they are already doing something illegal they will not hesitate to encrypt any communications surrounding it, after all if you are already breaking the law is another law really that consequential to you? This only serves to leave the UK insecure and should not come to pass. 

If the UK wishes to remain a free country and a champions of liberty we must fight against Cameron's Encryption ban, this is the first step along a road that ultimately leads to censorship and an authoritarian state. 


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Most Recent Comments

10-07-2015, 06:31:27

"You will now stop using encryption so MI5 can easily mine your data without asking anyone, thank you for your co-operation"Quote

10-07-2015, 07:20:34

The only people this would affect would be those citizens of the UK who can no longer protect themselves or their communications from third parties (malicious or otherwise). There is a reason why we use so much encryption these days and it is in response to a real threat...Quote

10-07-2015, 08:20:32

Fetchez La Vache
I mean, why stop at ruining only our welfare and health services? Aim for the stars Dave!
I so desperately want this man fired into the sun.Quote

10-07-2015, 09:02:56

"Why is David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, proposing such a terrible idea?"

Because he's a TERRIBLE Prime Minister, that's why.Quote

10-07-2015, 09:33:28

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to vote conservative? This is what happens. You get an idiot like Cameron trying to implement policies that he does not even understand. Too bad at least 80% of the UKs population probably doesn't even know what encryption is, so they won't care.Quote

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