Blizzard is rolling out high bandwidth Overwatch servers

Who wants higher tick rate?

Blizzard is rolling out high bandwidth servers

Blizzard is rolling out high bandwidth servers


Blizzard has started rolling out high bandwidth servers for Overwatch which offer increased tick rates of 63Hz rather than 21Hz.

This server upgrade will allow the game server to update three times as often allowing players to deliver their inputs to the server and hear back from the server much faster and a lot more often, making the game feel much more responsive. 


      When we implemented the “High Bandwidth” option to Custom Games back in beta, we also noted that—if the feature performed well and players responded positively to it—we would investigate adding it to other games modes. We’re holding to that promise and are currently in the process of rolling out high bandwidth support globally for PC. This process may take a few weeks for all regions, but once fully deployed all games including those in Quick Play and Competitive Play will be running in high bandwidth mode by default.  
So what does that mean? In Overwatch, our high bandwidth option adjusts the game’s client update rate (the frequency at which your client gets updates from the game server) from 21 updates per second to 63 updates per second. This reduces the amount of time between when you complete an action and when your client hears back about the result, which in turn will help make the game feel more responsive. 


As a side effect, this update will mean that the game will take up a lot more bandwidth, which means that some gamers will not be able to play the game in this "high bandwidth" mode. Players that do not meet the bandwidth requirements will automatically have their game scale down the update rate if their internet connection cannot keep up. 

Blizzard also plans on adding a bandwidth control option to the game, which will allow players who have bandwidth limits to self-limit their update rates if they wish. This will come in a future update. 


     Since we know that not all internet connections are equal, we’ve also added in tech that will automatically and adaptively scale down your update rate if we find your connection can't keep up. Similarly, because high bandwidth servers (as the name suggests) will increase your bandwidth consumption, we’re also looking to add an option to self-limit your update rate in a future patch. 

  Blizzard is rolling out high bandwidth servers  

Competitive players of Overwatch will be very happy to see this increase in server tick rate, allowing them to react faster and have their actions affect the game with significantly reduced delay. 

Right now Blizzard is currently looking into increasing the tick-rate of the console versions of Overwatch. 


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14-08-2016, 14:43:06

Wouldn't that be unfair to anyonewho can't keep up with the 63tick rate? If you tell it to use less or if the game automatically scaled it down?Quote

15-08-2016, 12:52:30

Something completely off topic... But just noticed that NBD joined 2 years after WYP, yet he has like 4,000 more posts Quote

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