BeSang promises 3D NAND that is 2 cents per Gigabyte

BeSang promises 3D NAND that is 2 cents per Gigabyte

BeSang promises 3D NAND that is 2 cents per Gigabyte

BeSang promises 3D NAND that is 2 cents per Gigabyte


BeSang claims to have developed 3D-NAND that is superior to competing solutions, offering a solution that requires less capital investment to manufacture, higher wafer throughput than existing NAND and a 10x cost advantage when compared to existing NAND in terms of cost/GB. 

Right now most NAND costs around 20 cents (US) per GB, while BeSang's new 3D NAND can offer pricing of around 2 cents per GB, potentially decreasing the costs of future SSDs drastically. This new NAND is able to pack significantly more data into a given area, allowing BeSang to offer NAND that has 30 cells per layer compared to Samsung's 3D VNAND that offers 1 cell per layer.   

Below is a quote from Sang-Yun Lee, the chief executive officer (CEO) of BeSang, stating that Samsung's existing 3D VNAND should be cheaper to produce than traditional planar NAND but ironically has a much higher price tag. 


 Samsung’s most advanced 3D NAND stacks up to 48 layers of memory cells in the vertical direction. Therefore, we would expect that 48-layer 3D NAND should be cheaper than planar NAND. Ironically, 3D NAND is still expensive compared to planar NAND,

Their fundamental problem is the gigantic cell size of their 3D NAND.

  BeSang promises 3D NAND that is 2 cents per Gigabyte  

 Below is a video which details this new NAND, stating that they are able to offer much cheaper NAND than their competitors and may be able to improve upon their technology further to include 50 cells per layer rather than 30. 

The company promises that they will be able to build a single chip 1TB 3D-Super-Nand design within two years, which is a pretty amazing goal given the lack of 1TB or larger SSDs on the market today. 



At this time it is hard to tell where this technology will go, as at this time we know nothing about the speed of this new NAND type, just that it offers amazing cost/GB pricing.

If this NAND cannot offer read or write speeds that are competitive with existing NAND it is hard to know to what scale this new NAND type will be adopted by the industry. High-performance computing application will require fast storage, though if this new NAND does not offer fast read and write performance it may still be a great alternative to traditional mechanical HDD storage. 


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Most Recent Comments

21-07-2016, 12:03:23

Even if it's not as fast as other SSDs, I'd still buy them because it'll still outclass any HDD and provide a lot of cheap storageQuote

21-07-2016, 17:52:10

yay finally they are comingQuote

21-07-2016, 17:57:15

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Even if it's not as fast as other SSDs, I'd still buy them because it'll still outclass any HDD and provide a lot of cheap storage
I really can't wait until I can replace all of my mech drives. My wife's PC vibrates and it's got to be the worst noise EVER. I'm going to buy some sound dampening material for it but yeah, they're as noisy as hell.Quote

22-07-2016, 05:41:26

This sounds great, but sometimes something just sounds too great!
I mean I've never heard of a company called "BeSang" so I'm curious as to why they are able to beat Samsung (one of the industry leaders when it comes to NAND flash) by an order of magnitude in memory density (and cost for that matter).
Let's just wait and see what they deliver and when they deliver...

Nobody want's a cheap SSD that can hold it's data for only a week without being switched on and refreshed and that can only write its capacity twice before it wears out.Quote

22-07-2016, 06:33:51

Yeah, durability is going to be the key. They will need to release, and torture tests will need to be ran before I would trust that much data to an unknown SSD manufacturer.Quote

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