Are future Intel CPUs going to use Radeon graphics?

Are future Intel CPUs going to use Radeon graphics?

Are future Intel CPUs going to use Radeon graphics?

Are future Intel CPUs going to use Radeon graphics?

Today rumours have come to light which claims that Intel has come to an agreement with AMD to use Radeon iGPUs to power future Intel CPUs.  
These rumours come from HardOCP's Kyle Bennet, who in May reported that the AMD's Radeon Technology Group (RTG) was in talks with Intel about supplying graphics IP for use future CPUs. At the time this rumour as discounted by most people, though it seems that Intel's graphics division has been significantly downsized since they announced an 11% reduction in their workforce back in April. 
Earlier today, Kyle Bennett reappeared on the HardOCP Forums with a new message, stating that both companies have come to an agreement and that AMD GPU tech will be used in future Intel integrated graphics solutions.  
    The licensing deal between AMD and Intel is signed and done for putting AMD GPU tech into
Intel’s iGPU.
Intel in no way wants this to be public

To anyone in the hardware world this report comes as a massive shock, given how AMD and Intel have been huge competitors in the GPU market for decades. This deal is almost like cats and dogs suddenly becoming friends or TTL developing a love for untidy "ketchup and mustard" coloured PSU cables. 

While an agreement between such fierce competitors may seem like an impossibility, both companies do have a lot to offer each other, with Intel looking to cheaply develop integrated graphics solution and AMD's desire to return to profitability and generate revenue from licencing deals. 


Are future Intel CPUs going to use Radeon graphics?  

Right now Intel does not offer powerful graphics hardware on their CPUs, with Intel's flagship Skylake i7 6700K failing to beat AMD's ageing Kaveri A10-7890K APU under GPU intensive loads. 

With recent rumours suggesting that AMD's first Zen-based APUs will deliver GPU performance that is similar to an RX 460, it looks like Intel may have a difficult time competing, especially given the recent layoffs in their GPU division. 

AMD has also recently made a deal with Chinese companies, giving then access to some of their CPU IP to allow them to manufacture their own AMD-based CPUs. This generated $293 million for the company in cash, as well as future income from royalties moving forward. A similar deal may be in the works with Intel and the Radeon Technologies Group in order to generate revenue for AMD and provide Intel with new/powerful GPU technology.     

Are future Intel CPUs going to use Radeon graphics?


While this deal does seem very unlikely it cannot be claimed that both companies cannot benefit here, with AMD gaining an opportunity to place their GPU technology on a wider range of products and giving Intel the ability to create integrated graphics solutions cheaply and without expensive research and development.  

Right now there is no evidence to suggest that this information is correct, though in a strange way it does make a lot of sense for both companies.  


You can join the discussion on Intel's rumoured deal with AMD on the OC3D Forums.


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Most Recent Comments

06-12-2016, 13:01:21

amd and intel already cross-licensing x86 with amd64 extensions, so its not that far-fetchedQuote

06-12-2016, 13:36:27

Intel doesn't want this to be public? LOL.
Try lying to your shareholders Intel. They will figure it out.

Though let's be honest here. This isn't a surprise. Intel have been paying Nvidia $1.5B since 2011 because of Nvidia unsurprisingly suing Intel for using there technology(lol not close) and won. So for Intel to not have to pay them again, they will license AMD for cheaper once the Nvidia-Intel deal ends in March 2017. Don't expect Intel to use it. They didn't use any ink on designs for Nvidia technology into there CPUs. If they do, it'd probably be for a SoC design like a console. Which would hurt AMD a lot.Quote

06-12-2016, 14:10:12

This is a cool idea. While it's highly implausible, it's funny when you think about the confidence Intel must have to get into bed with their competitors.Quote

06-12-2016, 16:17:42

Hilariously as we go into the future this may be Intel's only option. Zen is supposed to be Broadwell fast + a mystery GPU on it too that could be pretty good. I am pretty sure it will spank Iris any way.

I think in a good few years from now there won't even be any GPUs. Or ram, or plain old CPUs.

AMD are pushing one concoction now with HBM on a GPU. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they made an APU with HBM on it.Quote

06-12-2016, 17:51:15

Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
This is a cool idea. While it's highly implausible, it's funny when you think about the confidence Intel must have to get into bed with their competitors.
They don't compete on GPU levels. So it's completely understandable. And Intel doesn't have much of an option, they could fight in court again, but it's probably cheaper for them in the long run to just license AMD IP. They already share a X86(or whatever it is can't remember) license so it's not far fetched to team up with them.Quote

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