AMD will reportedly launch a Navi-based GPU in August 2018

Is 7nm going to be ready in time?

AMD will reportedly launch a Navi-based GPU in August 2018

AMD will reportedly launch a Navi-based GPU in August 2018

Reports have emerged that state that AMD's Navi GPUs will be "ready to go" sometime in July/August 2018, with the company planning to launch a Navi-based professional series GPU at SIGGRAPH 2018. 
At this time there is no way to validate these reports, though given the fact that Navi is supposed to release on 7nm (according to AMD's official roadmaps) it seems unlikely that AMD would be releasing a consumer version of Navi in this time frame. 
If this report is true, it is likely that Navi will be released first in the professional space in low volumes, similar to how Nvidia has released their most recent GPU architectures. With both Pascal and Volta, Nvidia has released their GPUs to the professional space first, with Volta having no consumer release at this time. 
Before then AMD is likely to release more GPUs that are based on their Vega architecture, likely using Globalfoundries' 12nm manufacturing process (names 14nm+ in older roadmaps). These GPUs will likely replace Polaris in the low end of the GPU market, though larger Vega GPUs are not out of the question with 12nm.  


AMD will reportedly launch a Navi-based GPU in August 2018

(Nvidia's Multi-Chip GPU concept)


When AMD has spoken about Navi in the past the word that has been mentioned most is "scalability", leading many to believe that AMD is working on a Multi-chip GPU that will allow the company to merge several smaller pieces of silicon together to create high-performance GPU products. 

This has lead many to believe that Navi will be an EPYC-like GPU that merges several GPU cores together to create a new high-performance product, which makes sense given the inclusion on Infinity Fabric in Vega. 

If AMD is releasing Navi in July/August 2018 either 7nm is a lot more mature than what Globalfoundries has previously stated or AMD is making a Nvidia like mode and delivering Navi to the high-margin enterprise market first. 


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Most Recent Comments

10-10-2017, 11:33:27

TweakTown? The same TweakTown that said things like:

"AMD is going to dominate the GPU game in 2017 with Vega 10, and beyond, and will be priced at $800-900"?
Or how about the TweakTown that said:
"Right now, Vega 10 will consume around 225W according to the leaked slides and my industry sources."

"Navi 10 is going to be a freakin' beast, and according to my industry sources - Vega will be great, but Navi is going to be the golden ticket."

"Dual Vega with 16/32GB HBM2 - $1499 (please!)
Vega with 16GB HBM2 - $1199 (Titan X competitor)
Vega with 8GB of HBM2 - $899 (GTX 1080 Ti competitor)
Vega with 8GB of GDDR5X - $699 (GTX 1080 competitor)
Vega with 8GB GDDR5X (less GPU cores) - $499 - GTX 1070 competitor)
Vega with 8GB GDDR5 - $399 (GTX 1060/1060 Ti competitor)"
And I could go on. I don't dare post their Navi 10 estimates.Quote

10-10-2017, 11:46:02

From what I recall (science) Navi is basically multiple Polaris cores, or, something along those lines, tied together with IF. As such they have had plenty of time since Polaris.

So hey, could be some truth in that yet?Quote

10-10-2017, 12:43:56

Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
TweakTown? The same TweakTown that said things like:

Or how about the TweakTown they said:

And I could go on. I don't dare post their Navi 10 estimates.
Even WCCFT is more trustworthy than TT.Quote

11-10-2017, 03:08:25

Tweak town has no credibility anymore. Pure click bait these days. 100% agree with AGF above. Was tempted to post more quotes from them but then, the point has been made.

I would like to question one thing though.. What the hell is up with their cooler design. It's still hideous, drab and that indented removable face needs to go. Performance is one thing, but they could at least make it attractive in some way.Quote

11-10-2017, 08:45:34

I think "Tweak" town must be a meth reference. Tweakers running that site sure would explain a lot.Quote

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