AMD's Revised R9 Fury X - Pump Whine Issues

AMD's Revised R9 Fury X - Pump Whine Issues

AMD's Revised R9 Fury X - Pump Whine Issues

AMD's Revised R9 Fury X - Pump Whine Issues


Many reviewers had reported that their R9 Fury X review samples made an audible whining noise coming from the Cooler master pump inside, at the time AMD had said that they had fixed the problem and that it only applied to the first batch of R9 Fury X GPUs, but since then many several owners of AMD's R9 Fury X had reported the same issue, making several websites claim that AMD had lied to them. 

Looking deeper into the situation we found that there were 2 different models of the AMD R9 Fury X in circulation, many of which are the same as AMD's review samples, some of which have a pump which makes a high-pitched whine, while others were indeed a revised model. 

Below are pictures of both models of the R9 Fury X, which have the faceplates removed to reveal the Cooler Master AIO under it. The first AIO, which can be identified by a Chrome sticker (left) is the revised model, while the one with the green sticker (right) is the older model, which might suffer from pump/ noise issues. 


AMD's Revised R9 Fury X - Pump Whine Issues  AMD's Revised R9 Fury X - Pump Whine Issues  


Since users can take off the R9 Fury X's face plate without damaging their warranties, owners can easily identify if they have a newer, revised R9 Fury X or not and then ask for a replacement from their retailer, if they are having problems with pump noise. 

Right now we have seen no reports of the newer (chrome logo) model which has any problems related to pump noise. This means that most R9 Fury X GPUs on the market should not exhibit any issues related to pump noise.

Right now it looks like those suffering from Pump noise issues are in the minority, with this issue only affecting the first batch of GPUs. Those looking to purchase an R9 Fury X now will likely not be getting a model from the first batch of GPUs, so the likelihood of getting a defective model now is minimal.


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Most Recent Comments

02-07-2015, 17:49:35

At least they fixed it very very quickly. People just need to learn that they fixed it but can't expect it to 100% all be fixed as soon as they say so.. to get the revised models it's gonna take a week or two to ship them to retailers.. People just get impatient then claim they lie when it's just them waiting on shipments from China(or wherever in Asia)..Quote

02-07-2015, 20:05:29

It's good that they have identified the issue and addressed it.

However, I can't help but be concerned that these are a disaster waiting to happen. Cooler Master aren't known for their epic pumps and putting a pump which naturally generates heat on to a gpu that creates more heat than a sun spot is a bit of a risk.

Anyone that has had the pump of their AIO fail must agree that the probability is high that the pump will fail in at least one of the thousands of Fury X's that will be sold worldwide. I would think life is a damn sight tougher for a pump when strapped to 275W TDP GPU than a 84W TDP CPU; and that GPU usually achieves near it's TDP and for longer, than a CPU ever will.

So here's a test I'd like OC3D to perform - run your preferred high intensity graphic benchmark in loop and then unplug the pump of the Fury X. What do you think would go pop first - the gpu or the water loop? Hopefully there's a pump monitor on the card that shuts the gpu down in the event of a pump failure, but I've not heard a sausage on the subject.Quote

03-07-2015, 01:26:15

Acknowledged it and stepped out in front of it, so that it could get fixed. Good effortQuote

05-07-2015, 11:14:27

Anyone who actually manages to get their hands on a Fury X will be happy. They are out of stock pretty much every where that isn't selling them at inflated prices...Quote

05-07-2015, 11:28:05

hahaha most retailers in Greece have ordered theirs before the banks closed. 5 retailers are stocked. I don't think they will run out! no money no honeyQuote

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