AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year oldAMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now Celebrating its first anniversary

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now Celebrating its first anniversary


A lot has changed in the world of PC gaming in the last year, the DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs have made their debut, VR headsets are now available in stores and all-new technologies like HDR and increasingly high refresh rate displays are coming to the market.  

At AMD some of the largest biggest changes in the GPU world have been at the forefront, with AMD's reorganisation of AMD Radeon into the Radeon Technologies Group being illustrative of exactly how much things have changed in the last twelve months. 

To be honest, 2015 was not a great year for AMD on the GPU front, but after Raja Koduri took the reigns of the newly formed Radeon Technologies Group a lot of things have changed for the better, from improvements in AMD's GPU drivers, product lineup and even on the software front. 

 AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old


Within a few short months of the Radeon Technology Group forming, the company announced their new AMD Radeon Software Crimson driver, delivering a huge overhaul of their software which offered increased performance and a variety of other enhancements as well as an updated release schedule and the promise of more "day-1" game drivers.  

Since the release of AMD's Radeon Software Crimson drivers, AMD has quickly left their ATI legacy behind, offering fewer bugs and more frequent updates than ever before. Today it is easy to say that AMD and Nvidia are pretty even on the driver front, with neither manufacturer creating drivers that are notably better than the other. 

  AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old


Since then AMD has introduced a lot of new technologies from Low Framerate Compensation (LFR) for AMD FreeSync monitors to HDR support on their upcoming GPUs with DisplayPort 1.3/1.4. 

AMD had also introduced their GPUOpen initiative, which acts as an Open Source alternative to Nvidia's GameWorks technologies, which allow developers to use and enhance AMD made tools like TressFX and other graphical effects.  

More information on AMD GPUOpen can be found here.  


  AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old  


In Mid-2016 AMD made some additional strides when it came to their hardware and software portfolios, launching this Radeon Pro Duo in March as well as their first official Vulkan ready GPU driver. Later in June AMD also launched their new Polaris lineup of GPUs which featured day-1 Linux support as well as support for their new AMD Wattman power/overclocking Utility. 

Polaris is the first GPU architecture that has been created by the Radeon Technologies Group, offering huge performance gains and power savings when compared to AMD's older hardware. Hopefully, the RTG will continue to offer such impressive performance gains moving forward, as we certainly could use some more competition in the high-end of the GPU market. 


AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old


In July 2016 AMD released their new Radeon Pro series of workstation GPUs alongside new workstation drivers which both enhanced the performance and the reliability of their existing FirePro product stack. 

Not content with just releasing a few new products the Radeon Technologies Group also announced some new technology that they have been working on for heavy duty GPU compute tasks, creating the first GPU to have a 1TB frame buffer through the use of NVMe storage. This new SSG (Solid State Graphics card) allows content creators to use GPUs with much larger datasets, opening up GPUs to a whole new world of compute tasks. 

AMD's new SSG is still in development, but early performance results look promising, especially given how much faster modern SSDs are getting. It will be very interesting to see if AMD will use Intel/Micron XPoint memory in the future, as the enhanced speeds of this new memory type may be essential to get this new SSG platform to all new performance heights. 


  AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is now 1 year old  


All-in-all AMD's Radeon Technologies Group has transformed the Radeon brand into something that is altogether much more valuable and with some exciting future prospects. Hopefully, RTG will continue to impress moving forward, as the GPU market is in some dire need for some more competition in the high end of the market. 


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