AMD's Radeon Navi RX 3080 XT is rumoured to challenge the RTX 2070 for $330

Is AMD taking the fight to Nvidia with aggressive pricing?

AMD's Radeon Navi RX 3080 XT is rumoured to challenge the RTX 2070 for $330

AMD's Radeon Navi RX 3080 XT is rumoured to challenge the RTX 2070 for $330

We already know that AMD's Navi graphics architecture will power Sony's next-generation PlayStation, which means that their next-generation Radeon graphics architecture is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the world of gaming, even outside of the PC market. 

Rumour has it that AMD's Navi graphics architecture will be discussed at Computex 2019 and showcased at E3, a fitting location given the likelihood that the graphics architecture will power both the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.  

On the PC side, we know that Navi graphics cards will launch in Q3 2019 with pricing that is lower than AMD's existing Radeon VII graphics card, with a report from Tweaktown stating that Navi will release with a GPU called the RX 3080 XT, which will cost $330. 

For $330, AMD's Radeon Navi 10 graphics card is said to offer performance levels that are similar to Nvidia's RTX 2070, a $500 graphics card, giving team Radeon a considerable advantage when it comes to pricing. The GPU is said to ship with a 190W TDP, and 56 compute units. Recently leaked PCBs suggest that the graphics card will arrive with 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit memory bus. 

AMD's Radeon Navi RX 3080 XT is rumoured to challenge the RTX 2070 for $330  

Pricing in the mid-range graphics card market has remained mostly unchanged for several years now, with Nvidia's RTX series releasing with price tags that for the most part can be considered reasonable, but not game-changing. Buying a £200 graphics card today won't yield much more performance than a £200 graphics card from two years ago, showcasing how little movement has been made within the mid-range GPU market since the launch of Pascal and Polaris in 2016. 

If Tweaktown's report is correct, AMD's Navi architecture will be the game-changer that the PC gaming market needs to push the performance of mid-range gaming PCs forward. Beyond that, team Radeon might force Nvidia to decrease their pricing to remain competitive, which is great news for consumers. 

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Most Recent Comments

07-05-2019, 10:38:28

That sounds quite reasonable really, matching RTX2070 in perf & perf/watt but at a lower cost thanks to 7nm, these dies must be tiny by recent GPU standards but I'd guess AMD are still pushing them out of their optimum perf/watt curve for these SKUs.Quote

07-05-2019, 17:32:04

These would be great news. The dilemma is to get it as soon as posible or wait until 2020 for Navi refresh or next-gen.Quote

07-05-2019, 17:54:14

Great price point but I have a GTX 1080, so it wouldn't offer anything to me. Shame too.Quote

07-05-2019, 18:03:53

The thing is....

Basically this is supposed to be around the same as the 2070. In what? DX11? DX12? because the Vega 56 is as good as the 2070 in DX12 and you can get one now for £250. So this card is cheaper for AMD to produce and it's going to cost $330?

I almost can't believe that "mid range" is now £300+. Not only that, but low end cards are really low end now. I was looking through a PC mag from 2010 or so the other day and when the Radeon 5870 launched you could get a 4870 for £110. Which to all intents and purposes was a high end card, if you were willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of DX11 in Dirt 2.

I also now own a PS4 rookie edition (didn't get the Pro) and the graphics on it are very good indeed. Easily as good as any "mid range" card. Hell, my XB1X does things mid range PCs can't. This gap will only decrease as the next gen of consoles arrive too. It kinda makes it really very hard to even want to bother. I got my PS4 with 4 games (two of which are £50 each) for £279. What can you get for that in PC terms? a mid range GPU with nothing else.

Crazy. The world has gone mad. How is it that Sony and Microsoft can make an entire gaming system based on X86 for less than the cost of a mid range GPU? you get about four times the amount of materials, plastic, a hard drive and god knows what else.Quote

07-05-2019, 18:21:51

Also, 2070 is pretty horrible in price to performance compared to 2060.Quote

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