AMD's Lisa Su confirms that Navi will launch in Q3

'Navi has a lot of new features'

AMD's Lisa Su confirms that Navi will launch in Q3

AMD's Lisa Su confirms that Navi will launch in Q3

AMD's Lisa Su has confirmed that the company's Navi series of graphics cards will launch in Q3 2019 and launch with "a lot of new features". During the same call, Su noted that Navi would feature pricing that is "below where the Radeon 7 is positioned", but didn't give performance estimates. 

Given the graphics card's sub-Radeon VII pricing, AMD's initial Navi offerings will be a mid-range offering for the sub-$600 graphics card market. At this time we can only guess at the performance levels of AMD's upcoming Navi offerings, but recent rumours have suggested that AMD will release a Navi SKU that can surpass the Radeon RX Vega 64. 

When asked about ray tracing Lisa Su refused to comment, stating that more details about Navi will be revealed at a later date. Sony's next-generation PlayStation console will utilise AMD's Navi graphics architecture and feature ray tracing capabilities, suggesting that AMD may have some ray tracing silicon cooked into their Navi graphics lineup.   

AMD's Lisa Su confirms that Navi will launch in Q3  

With AMD's sub-Radeon VII pricing we know that Radeon doesn't have a new flagship-level graphics cards up their sleeve, which makes sense given the low volume nature of the ultra-high-end market. Focusing Navi on lower price points gives AMD an opportunity to tap into a larger volume of consumers, especially if Navi can deliver a better price-to-performance ratio than Nvidia's Geforce lineup. 

Challenging Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti wouldn't secure AMD much market share, simply because most PC gamers cannot afford a £1000+ graphics card. Focusing Navi on the sub-$600 markets will allow AMD to tap into a larger consumer base, assuming that they properly execute their Navi launch and offer a true generational leap over their existing product stack. 

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Most Recent Comments

01-05-2019, 06:38:58

It still baffles me that sub-£600 is considered mid-range these days. Wasn't so long ago that'd get you a top of the range card, not including Titans of course.

The thing is, I got my Vega 56 for just shy of £400. If a Navi card comes out that surpasses the Vega 64 I'd be tempted to upgrade, but only if it doesn't cost any more than my current card did.Quote

01-05-2019, 07:46:51

Previously, mid-range GPUs where $200, now they seem to be $400, and mid-high range $500-600. If they want to compete in price-performance ratio, they ought to release a Vega 64 equivalent for £275, and a substantially more powerful GPU than Vega 64, which is £320 now, perhaps £350 Navi GPU that sits between RTX 2070 and RTX 2080.Quote

01-05-2019, 09:24:19

I find this quite worrying. Firstly they are saying that they can't take on Nvidia (which I expected) and thus are going to "settle" for the sub $600 market but at the same time they are saying they are going to charge up to $600 for Navi.

Which when it can take on the V64 isn't really good enough, is it?

I bought my Titan XP way back in June of 2017 second hand (it was a month old) for £625. If I went out now with that in my pocket (oddly enough I do have about that much) I can buy..... Wait for it..... Exactly the same level of performance.

Not good when we are about 7 weeks from the 2 year mark of ownership. And what do we have to look forward to? well, more of the same in Q3.

Do you know I was eyeing up ways to waste the £600, but short of buying a 12 core 1920x and motherboard there was absolutely nothing else *for me to buy*. I already had it, or better.

In all of my lifetime I can never remember a time where there was literally no PC parts worth me wasting my money on. I'm still mildly tempted by the 1920x (if it stays at £340) but when I take into account all of the hassle for just a slight boost at lower resolutions it doesn't really make me want to take my PC to bits.Quote

01-05-2019, 09:30:05

To be fair "below Radeon 7 pricing" doesn't automatically mean $100 less. Could be a big gap down to £350 for all we know atm.Quote

01-05-2019, 15:17:10

Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
To be fair "below Radeon 7 pricing" doesn't automatically mean $100 less. Could be a big gap down to £350 for all we know atm.
We need to give you the title/rank of Mr To be fair. Don't think I have ever seen the fluff phrase overused so much hehe Quote

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