AMD RX 480 shown running under a thermal camera

AMD RX 480 shown running under a thermal camera

AMD RX 480 shown running under thermal camera

AMD RX 480 shown running under thermal camera


AMD's upcoming RX 480 GPU has been shown running under a thermal camera, with the rear of the GPU core running at a max temperature of 71.9 degrees. 

While the video below does not explicitly state that the GPU is an AMD RX 480 the PCB and cooler design of the GPU are identical to the RX 480. Those who view the video will be able to see the Radeon lettering on the side of the GPU, a single PCIe power connector and the solder points for what would have been an AMD crossfire bridge on previous generation AMD GPU designs.    

Please remember that the test below was placing the GPU under load for only a minute and that the temperatures of the rear of the GPU are not entirely reflective of the actual GPU core temperatures. It is expected that the GPU will run slightly hotter than 71.9 degrees celsius when under full load over long periods of time.  



The AMD RX 480 features a very simple reference AMD cooler design, where the GPU core will be cooled by a simple aluminium heat-fin-stack which has a copper core and internal copper heatpipes. The memory VRMs and the other GPU components will be cooled by a metallic baseplate, which receives direct airflow from the GPUs single blower style fan.   

Yesterday we reported that a member of OCUK staff had stated that the AMD RX 480 will have a reference only launch, meaning that all AMD RX 480 GPUs will have the AMD reference coolers that can be seen in the images above and below when it launched on June 29th. 

When asked whether there will be aftermarket RX 480 GPUs at launch OCUK's Gibbo stated that AMD has delivered a great reference cooler for their Polaris GPUs, offering quiet operation, great thermal performance and a "great" aesthetic.


XFX RX 480 GPU pictured on the production line


According to AMD Poland the RX 480 will cost $199 for its 4GB version and $229 for its 8GB variant. If recent benchmarks and other leaks are to be believed, the RX 480 will deliver performance that is similar to a GTX 970 in 3DMARK, though at this time we do not know how well this GPU will fare when playing different games or using different benchmarks. 


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Most Recent Comments

21-06-2016, 18:59:27

Bit hotter than I had hoped, but to be fair I was dreaming. Still getting 3 though Quote

21-06-2016, 20:09:25

Originally Posted by Kushiro View Post
Bit hotter than I had hoped, but to be fair I was dreaming. Still getting 3 though
Video doesn't really tell much though. Could have been Furmark for all we know and that's a card killer. Nor do we know the ambient. Really doesn't tell much tbh and add in the fact the front of the die that's actually releasing more heat is cooler than the back of the die as it's in contact with the cooler. So the original article was basically click bait

Really 3? Yikes
I'm getting 3 too but they aren't all for me. I'm just the only person with Prime shipping lol
Hopefully stock is good so there's no limit per household or anything.Quote

21-06-2016, 20:48:51

The video is gone. Was the fan running at full chat?Quote

21-06-2016, 23:27:42

Originally Posted by SeekaX View Post
The video is gone. Was the fan running at full chat?
Tbh I don't even think there was audio. Didn't hear a thing, it was more of a showing off of how hot it got when put under load.Quote

22-06-2016, 05:38:51

although i can't see the video (its gone ) the picture looks like how all blower style coolers work. all the heat is meant to be at that end as energy from the fan dissipates as it goes along the card. most aftermarket coolers wont have this heat build up as it dissipates the heat from every angle, the down side to this is that heat is released into the rest of your case instead of out the rear. besides 72 degrees is not anything to worry about.Quote

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