AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed

AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed

AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed

AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed


AMD has revealed their new Radeon Pro Duo GPU, which contains 16 TFLOP of GPU power. AMD also claim that Multi-GPU will be becoming more important and that they will "get past CrossFire", meaning that Multi-GPU will become a much more viable option for games, given the abilities of modern graphical APIs.

AMD's Raja Koduri has stated that right now is an "inflection point" for graphical APIs, saying that over the next 12-24 months developers will be investing heavily in the new graphical APIs on PCs. This time and effort should result in future DirectX 12 and Vulkan games that will work will with Multi-GPU setups and make them a viable solution for more than just gamers in the enthusiast segment of the market. 

  AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed  

With the announcement of the AMD Radeon Pro Duo, AMD is providing a GPU that is designed to bridge the gap between developers and consumers, giving consumers a GPU with some amazing performance characteristics and developers a great GPU to work on future VR and other future demanding titles. 

The Radeon Pro Duo is the most powerful single PCB GPU to date, offering much more computing power than both the GTX Titan Z and AMD's older R9 295X2, making this GPU what AMD calls the "most powerful platform for VR". 

This GPU will be powered by 3x 8-pin PCIe power connectors and will be cooled by a thick 120mm radiator and a Cooler Master made AIO liquid cooler. This GPU is entirely water cooled, unlike it's predecessor the R9 295X2 which had a hybrid cooling system. This GPU is very similar to the R9 Fury X n terms of aesthetics, but in reality is is much more similar to a dual R9 Nano setup in terms of performance.  


AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed  AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed  


This GPU offers dual Fiji GPUs and a total of 8GB of HBM, boasting a tremendous 16TFLOP of compute power, which is roughly 2x the 8.19 TFLOPs of power of the Fury Nano. 

This means that this GPU will likely not out perform a Dual Fury X or a dual GTX 980Ti setup, but it will easily our perform any single PCB GPU that is available right now.

Below is a graph from Videocardz showing the performance of the AMD Radeon Pro and the older R9 295X2 and Nvidia's GTX Titan Z, showing that this new GPU from AMD really packs a lot of performance. These results were made by AMD themselves using AMD's 15.301 drivers and Nvidia's 362.91 drivers, showing that AMD has had dual fiji working for some time. 


AMD Radeon Pro Duo GPU Revealed  

In the future AMD see a PC gaming market when Multi-GPU setups are not just usable in most future PC games, but a viable purchase for gamers outside of the enthusiast end of the market. 

AMD's Raja Koduri has stated that GPUs with smaller dies are much more economic to manufacture and sell, which combined with the direction Multi-GPU may take with modern APIs is a recipe that may result in Multi-GPU becoming much more important and throughout the AMD product stack (not just the high end).

Right now it is unknown if Nvidia are planing to release a dual GTX 980Ti or GTX Titan X GPU in order to compete with AMD's new Radeon Pro Duo. 


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15-03-2016, 03:52:09

It needs a bigger radiator.Quote

15-03-2016, 04:03:08

wonder if its gonna have the throttling the 295x2 had? When it reaches 74 degrees it would back off the clocks and voltage alot!Quote

15-03-2016, 04:08:03

Originally Posted by MrKambo View Post
wonder if its gonna have the throttling the 295x2 had? When it reaches 74 degrees it would back off the clocks and voltage alot!
Main reason I got rid of mine.Quote

15-03-2016, 04:18:23

He he he

Does your 295x2 do that too, TPC? Quote

15-03-2016, 04:22:34

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Main reason I got rid of mine.
Should of watercooled it, its a beast when its properly cooled, 100% needed more power though!Quote

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