AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.

AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.

AMD announces Catalyst Omega driver

AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.


Some new renders of AMD's R9 Fury GPU has just been leaked, showcasing the GPUs small size and large GPU die size.  This comes only a few days after AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, revealed the AMD Fiji GPU die with HBM Memory.  


AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.   

This new render shows exactly how small AMD's new Fiji GPU will be, showing exactly how much space can be saved using HBM memory. Videocardz made the image below, which forces the render into a bird eye view of the GPU's PCB, showing exactly how small it is compared to Nvidia's Reference GTX 980Ti PCB. 

We also get to see that AMD's new GPU will be using 2x 8-pin power connectors to provide the GPU with power, which makes us think that Fiji will be a very power hungry GPU. 


AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.   


The GPU is will be a dual slot GPU, but sadly the picture was taken is such a way that we can't really say more, while the leaked rendering may have shown a single HDMI port and 3 Display ports but we cannot confirm this until the GPU is officially revealed. 

Johan Andersson says that this GPU is "This new island is one seriously impressive and sweet GPU. wow", so hopefully this GPU will perform just as impressively on our test bench.


AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.


We know that this GPU will be using an HBM memory architecture, which will be a first for GPUs and we are fairly sure that AMD will be announcing this GPU very soon at Computex. DICE's Johan Andersson has given us the first official peak at AMD's upcoming monster GPU less than a week ago.

From what we can see here now this GPU will definitely be liquid cooled as we do not see a fan or much room for airflow. With the need for liquid cooling in the reference version, this GPU looks like it will be a hot one, though with the space saving achieved by using HBM, it may be very difficult to build an adequate cooler without a big enough PCB to bolt it onto.  

Right now it looks like this GPU will be a 4GB card, which is rumored to have 4096 GCN GPU cores with AMD's latest GCN architecture, which is believed to be GCN 1.3.


AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed.   

A lot of AMD's negative press in recent weeks surround their lackluster performance when running Nvidia's HairWorks visual effect, which relies heavily on tessellation, a place where AMD has a performance disadvantage compared to Nvidia. AMD's GCN 1.2 architecture, which was featured in AMD's Tonga GPUs, features 2x the tessellation performance compared to GCN 1.1, which was used in AMD's Hawaii GPUs. This means that AMD's Fiji GPU, which is based on AMD's latest iteration of their GCN graphics core architecture will feature much greater tessellation performance than any other AMD GPU, meaning that it should handle Nvidia's HairWorks much better.

With a rumored 4096 GCN GPU cores and a whole new memory architecture, this GPU will no doubt be the strongest offering AMD has ever produced, but the question of how it will compare to Nvidia's GTX Titan X still remains.


You can join the discussion on AMD's Fiji based Radeon Fury GPU on the OC3D Forums.



AMD Radeon Fury Renders Leaked, Size Revealed. Is it a bit too small for a Flagship GPU?http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/gpu_displays/amd_radeon_fury_renders_leaked_size_revealed/1

Posted by OC3D on Thursday, 4 June 2015
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Most Recent Comments

04-06-2015, 04:51:28

Looks about right seeing all the memory has been moved onto the die area hence a lot less space required.

Would make quite an awesome mini ITX card

Plus if it does outperform Nvidias 980 Ti/TX they are in a world of trouble seeing as AMD will probably have quite a decent price on these.Quote

04-06-2015, 04:55:18

oooh. Now if it performs well I might actually be able to fit it into my 901 case. Not a huge fan (ahahahahaahhaah) of its size but I'm sure that certain companies will produce a full sized one.Quote

04-06-2015, 05:01:35

Looks great, hope its true (about the PCB size). Can see some epic ITX builds soon if so. Although this card looks to be just an AIO watercooled version only. Hoping there will be custom air models.Quote

04-06-2015, 05:30:47

Interesting times ahead for AMD it seems. I am looking forward to the Sapphire version of this card myself Quote

04-06-2015, 06:06:58

holy buckets that thing is class. micro builds with full size power. its been a while since anything interesting ahs happened.Quote

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