AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks leaked

AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks leaked, Significantly Faster than the GTX 980Ti

AMD Fury and Fury X Prices announced

AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks leaked, Significantly Faster than the GTX 980Ti at 4K


Benchmarks for AMD's upcoming flagship, the R9 Fury X have been leaked, showing that the GPU performs significantly better than that GTX 980Ti at 4K. If these benchmarks are true, Nvidia will need to react fast. 


AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks leaked, Significantly Faster than the GTX 980Ti

AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks leaked


As we can see in the benchmark graph above, the AMD R9 Fury X outperforms Nvidia's GTX 980Ti in all tests, which is outstanding as many of the games tested are Nvidia branded titles. You can see above all the game settings used for each title. 

With performance like this it we can almost say that 4K gaming is a viable gaming option, though maxing games out at 4K will still prove to be an issue. With AMD pricing this GPU so aggressively at $649 and delivering this kind of performance, Nvidia are sure to react with a price decrease on their GTX 900 series, or have AMD out-compete them in the high end. 

  AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks leaked, Significantly Faster than the GTX 980Ti 

If these results are proven correct via independent testing AMD will have a real winner on their hands with AMD Fiji, with cool and quiet industry leading performance and an affordable price tag this may be one of the most interesting GPU launched that we have seen for a long time. 


You can join the discussion on the AMD R9 Fury X's leaked Benchmarks on the OC3D Forums. 



AMD R9 Fury X benchmarks have been leaked, showing that the GPU is significantly faster than the GTX 980Ti at 4K.http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/gpu_displays/amd_r9_fury_x_benchmarks_leaked/1

Posted by OC3D on Thursday, 18 June 2015


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Most Recent Comments

18-06-2015, 10:14:11

Lets hope these leaks are true, as this will be a royal trump card for amdQuote

18-06-2015, 11:45:29

Silver Sparrow
If this is true then the original leak with Farcry 4 stands, these cards can't be released soon enough!Quote

18-06-2015, 12:02:38

Hang on a minute.

Two separate news articles with slightly conflicting information.

This slide shows an average of 54fps in 4K ultra with Far Cry 4:


And the other news article has the same Far Cry 4 with an average of 45fps:


This disparity is calling bollocks on at least one set of results, if not both. Okay, the second set of results may not have been at ultra, don't know*. If anyone that has a 980ti, 4k monitor and these games could run the tests to see if the results are similar to the above, that might give some credence, but until then...

Don't get me wrong, I want to believe, I just don't - yet.

*edit - that would make the comparison worse!

Edit no.2: OC3D's own benchmarking of the 980ti shows Far Cry 4 at 4k at an average of 51.4:


Again, don't know if that's at ultra, but if so the second chart posted up there is pure make-believe.

Edit No.3 - comparing these benchmarks is a bit nonsensical because we don't know what the rest of the system was; the cpu, ram motherboard etc, but none the less, would it have created such difference in results?Quote

18-06-2015, 13:48:48

This is the problem with benchmarking games that don't have a set benchmark. It makes all reviews bs unless you can replicate the exact circumstances.

I just take all reviews and mash them together for a very rough idea of what to expect.Quote

18-06-2015, 13:50:50

Originally Posted by Vault-Tec View Post

I just take all reviews and mash them together for a very rough idea of what to expect.

i believe thats the actual best way to form your own opinionQuote

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