AMD R9 390X Fiji GPU Specs Leaked


AMD R9 390X Fiji GPU Specs Leaked

AMD R9 390X Fiji GPU Specs Leaked


 A lot of speculation has been flying around the internet over the past number of days regarding AMD's next generation high end GPUs. I can confirm that AMD's next Generation GPU, or rather the AMD R9 390X will be using AMD's Fiji GPU core.

Thanks to Zauba, a database for import export data, we can now see that AMD have been sending Fiji PCBs around the world. The C880 PCB is believed to be a finalized PCB design for the R9 390 series of GPUs, with the Fiji XT core being the GPU core used in the R9 390X.

 AMD R9 390X Fiji GPU Specs Leaked


Below is an image of a prototype hybrid cooler which is believed to be one of the suggested designs for the final Fiji/ R9 390X cooler . At present it is unknown if Fiji will be using a Hybrid water/air cooler or if it will use an all air cooler like previous AMD single GPU core GPU cooler designs.


AMD Radeon R9 390X cooler leaked


The most interesting leak so far for the AMD R9 390x is these potential specifications. Data from SiSoft Sandra has appeared on their online database regarding a future unknown AMD high-end GPU, giving a core count and potential clock speeds.

There are two cards which are of particular interest, firstly a card with 4096 stream processors at 1000MHz with 4GB of VRAM. This card is thought to be the R9 390X. The Second GPU has 3520 stream processors at 1050MHz and is thought to be the R9 390. Links to these results are here and here.

The sheer amount of stream processors in these units compared to the R9 290X and R9 290, which were 2816 and 2560 stream processors respectively, means that these GPUs should perform much better than their predecessors. Even after the bump in core count there is also the architectural improvements to consider like the improved tessellation performance and memory efficiency as seen in AMD's Tonga based R9 285.


AMD R9 390X Fiji GPU Specs Leaked   AMD R9 390X Fiji GPU Specs Leaked   


AMD do not just need to beat the Maxwell based GTX 980 here, but AMD need to release a product which will compete with "Big Maxwell" which is expected at some point next year. Remember guys, in terms of core count and die size the GTX 980 is really a GTX 770 or 680 replacement. What would Nvidia's Maxwell be like when scales up to the core count/ die size of a GTX Titan or 780Ti?

Things are looking good for the future of GPUs. 


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Most Recent Comments

11-11-2014, 05:57:35

AMD will be safe from a full fledged maxwell for a while I reckon. I hate the reference amd cooler even more now but hopefully they've now learnt that its best practice to launch the card with coolers from people like Sapphire.

Its hard to judge whether the new (potentially) hybrid cooler is a sign that either the card carries on the 290's legacy of toast making or AMD have decided to go full overkill for reference card cooling. Either way it looks awful and I hope that there will be alternatives.Quote

11-11-2014, 06:07:51

Glad the rumors have started. Just means that we are closer to release date sooner, however; that god awful reference design whether it be blower or the pictured in the article needs to be changed... Plastic for a potentially $600+(guessing) card is unacceptable.

Just give the early(like insant from final design) to the vendors and give them good samples that they can actually use and make something worth out of it.Quote

11-11-2014, 06:26:13


The hopefully new reference cooler has one sexy piece of a shroud. Too sexy for a reference card. (especially an AMD one :P )Quote

11-11-2014, 06:28:34

Silver Sparrow
Hopefully the 4096bit tag is referring to the HBM memory modules and coupled with 4k+ SP's this GPU could well be incredible.

Rumourmill has the possible titan II/980ti at ~3k sp, I am left wondering whether maxwell really has pulled the rug under AMD in terms of efficiency and per core grunt and AMD response being just alot more of the same.

Either way this card released in step with Freesync monitors would be spiffing.Quote

11-11-2014, 07:00:53

As someone who is saving to buy a new GPU, this rumour doesn't have me putting my wallet back in my pocket. I don't have the cash to spend on a flagship card, which rules the 390x out of the equation right off the bat.

I don't like how AMD release their flagship product first instead of building up to the flagship product. Nvidia released their mid range and higher end products at the same time giving a much wider market availability. All in all, a leaked shroud photo and a fuzzy screen grab are not much to go on. I want information on core speed, temps, memory bandwidth, OC potential. Look's like i'm still going for a GTX 970Quote

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