AMD officially reveal the Radeon Vega's specifications

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AMD officially reveal the Radeon Vega's specifications

AMD officially reveal the Radeon Vega's specifications

We have all been waiting a long time for this, AMD's official Radeon Vega specifications, which will give is a fairly clear picture of how well AMD's new flagship will perform in a variety of applications. 
To start off, we now know that Vega has a total of 64 compute units and 4096 Stream Processors and peak FP32 performance of around 13TFLOPs, which is over 50% higher than AMD's Fiji-based R9 Fury X. 


AMD officially reveal the Radeon Vega's specifications


In terms of raw processor count, the Radeon Vega is a lot like the R9 Fury X, offering a stream processor count of 4096, though Vega thanks to architectural changes and process node changes/optimisation will be able to offer increased clock speeds, giving AMD's Radeon Vega around 50% more FP32 compute performance. 

AMD's Radeon Vega also supports Rapid Packed Math and FP16 instructions, allowing this GPU to offer even more compute performance when less precision is required. 

Given the RX Vega's stated 13 TFLOPs of compute performance and 4096 stream processors, AMD's Radeon Vega Frontier Edition will offer boost clock speeds that are around 1587MHz, which is very similar to recent leaks which have suggested boost clock speeds of 1600MHz. 

One interesting thing is that the AMD Radeon Vega will offer slightly lower levels of memory bandwidth than the R9 Fury X though, in reality, Vega will offer a lot more memory performance thanks to several optimisations in the memory pipeline and the addition of AMD's new Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer (DSBR) to Vega. These changes will allow AMD to do more work with the memory bandwidth that they have available, allowing them to have more effective memory bandwidth.  


 RX 570RX 580R9 Fury XRadeon Vega
Frontier Edition
GPUPolaris 10 ProPolaris 10 XTFiji XTVega 10
Process node14nm14nm28nm14nm
Shade Engines44 4
CUs per shader Engine89 16
Shaders Per CU64646464
Stream Processors2048230440964096
Performance (FP32)5.095 TFLOPs6.175 TFLOPs8.6TFLOPs13 TFLOPs
Performance (FP16)5.095 TFLOPs6.175 TFLOPs8.6TFLOPs25 TFLOPs
Render Output Units32326464
Texture Mapping units126144256256
Hardware Threads44-8
Memory Interface256-bit256-bit4096-bit2048-bit
Memory Bandwidth224GB/s256GB/s512GB/s480GB/s

AMD officially reveal the Radeon Vega's specifications


AMD didn't show many benchmarks for their Radeon Vega GPU, though what they did show was highly impressive, with the results below showing the Vega easily beat Nvidia's Titan Xp in a range of 3D modelling applications. 

One of the big causes of this high level of performance here is due to Vega's new Geometry Engine and Pixel Engine designs, which allows AMD's new architecture to offer 2x the peak geometry performance per clock of their previous architectures. This significantly speeds up 3D modelling and design workflows, allowing more complex designs to be rendered in real-time. 

AMD officially reveal the Radeon Vega's specifications


AMD has shown that their Radeon Vega Frontier Edition GPUs will be available in both Air-cooled and liquid cooled varieties, both of which offer the same internal specifications.   

This GPU is not intended to be used by gamers, with drivers that are optimised for professional use and pricing to match. AMD states that gamers will have to wait for their RX Vega GPU to be released at a later date, as it will come at a lower price with optimisation for gaming workloads.   

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group will be revealing more about Vega in Mid-June, so expect to hear more about Vega soon. 


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17-05-2017, 12:58:51

Lower overall bandwidth is interesting. Keep costs down I guess? Even though it's for professionals.

And for gaming the 2x geometry performance should really really really help with tessallationQuote

17-05-2017, 14:04:12

Love the blue colour of the shroud Quote

17-05-2017, 14:11:52

*snark mode* I guess the designers took the day off for this one?Quote

17-05-2017, 14:37:58

Dont think this will beat 1080ti IN games.. now its all about prices.Quote

17-05-2017, 15:18:37

Originally Posted by The_Governour View Post
Dont think this will beat 1080ti IN games.. now its all about prices.
Well based off what we know, the cards about VEGA have all been referred to as the Pro cards. So no, they won't be anything in gaming with those drivers
Worries me though. Not one thing about gamers really. Sure they showcased it running a game 4k 60FPS, but that doesn't tell use anything since we've seen it before.Quote

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