AMD Linux Driver adds "Sienna Cichlid" support - Is this RDNA 2?

This GPU contains new features that today's Navi products lack

AMD Linux Driver adds

AMD Linux Driver adds "Sienna Cichlid" support - Is this RDNA 2?

AMD has released over 200 Linux patches today to add support for a new GPU called "Sienna Cichlid", a product which many suspect to be an RDNA 2 powered graphics card. 

When compared to AMD's existing Navi/RDNA products, this new graphics card features new VCN 3.0 video encoders and DCN3 display fronts, signifying a major upgrade over Navi's VCN2 and DCN2 capabilities. These changes suggest that RDNA 2 will feature stronger encoding capabilities than today's RDNA graphics cards, which is great news for streamers and video producers. 

Phoronix speculates that the timing of these patches are ideal for the release of new graphics cards later this year, within the same timeframe and AMD's already planned RDNA 2 launch window. 

AMD's Alex Deucher, who wrote Sienna Cichlid's patch notes, stated the following, confirming that these


    Sienna Cichlid is a GPU from AMD. This patch set adds support for it including power management, display, kfd, interrupts, gfx, multi-media, etc. The new register headers are really big so I haven't sent them to the list. You can view the new patches including the register headers on the following git branch:

AMD Linux Driver adds   

With RDNA 2 featuring a huge 50% boost in performance/watt over RDNA, it makes sense for changes to the architecture's "power management" makes a lot of sense. RDNA 2 is expected to represent a major leap for Radeon, adding performance/watt enhancements, variable-rate shading, hardware-accelerated attracting, Mesh Shaders support and more.   

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Most Recent Comments

02-06-2020, 10:59:20

I want to believe that RDNA2 won't be overpriced as sh*t.Quote

02-06-2020, 12:18:12

Originally Posted by jcchg View Post
I want to believe that RDNA2 won't be overpriced as sh*t.
I do too. I think it'll be reasonable. A few reasons I'm taking comfort in:

Turing set a precedent that seemingly hasn't paid off quite as well as Nvidia had hoped. I could be wrong, but I don't think Nvidia will repeat those prices next generation.

The consoles have RDNA2 and so at least some of the cards PC gamers will get will be affordable, because they have to be if they are to fit in a console.

RDNA1 was reasonably priced.

AMD have tried competing in the very top-end of price sectors with Fury X, Vega 64, and Radeon VII and failed miserably. Those cards were unquestionable failures for the majority of our use cases.

Nvidia are waiting for AMD to act first, suggesting that they are a little more concerned than they would have been in the past.

AMD have priority access to 7nm supply, and it's a mature process. If the 'big one' comes in at 505mm² as rumoured, that's far smaller than what Nvidia are supposed to be making, so yields should not be poor as a GPU the size of a 2080Ti.

RDNA2 was designed to work with HBM and GDDR6, while Fiji, Vega, and Radeon VII could only work with expensive HBM. This means we could get a consumer-grade high-end gaming GPU from AMD that'll compete with a 3070/3080 at a price that's accessible to gamers, which the Radeon VII wasn't.

AMD are in a prime position to take the gaming market by storm. If they price their cards outside of accessibility, they could ruin their running streak.Quote

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