AMD details their Radeon Ray Tracing Vision with RDNA

AMD will deliver ray tracing when the time is right.

AMD reveals their Ray Tracing Vision with RDNA

AMD details their Ray Tracing Vision with RDNA

It has been confirmed that both the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation will support hardware accelerated Ray Tracing, which will come as part of custom SOCs which are being developed by AMD. 

At E3 2019, AMD has confirmed that their upcoming Navi series of RX 5700 graphics cards will lack support for hardware accelerated ray tracing, dismissing the need for the technology at this time, with DXR enabled games being rare and extremely heavy on graphics performance. 

AMD's thoughts on the matter are that they should deliver ray tracing support when both the software and hardware ecosystems are ready, which is why the feature is set to arrive with the company's "Next Gen RDNA" graphics hardware. This means that we should expect ray tracing hardware from AMD before the release of Sony/Microsoft's next-generation consoles. 

With the launch of next-generation gaming systems, ray tracing compatible hardware will be delivered to the masses, creating a ray tracing ecosystem which spans PC, Xbox and PlayStation, which is more than enough to get developers working on the feature. Yes, Nvidia will have a head start with their RTX series, but AMD will launch at a time where ray tracing will be a larger selling point and launch with the kind of hardware acceleration that developers will be utilising on consoles. Nvidia has the head start, but AMD will have a broader raytracing ecosystem. 

AMD reveals their Ray Tracing Vision with RDNA  

At this time it is unknown when AMD's first ray tracing enabled graphics cards will release, though they are expected to arrive sometime in 2020, before the launch of the next-generation of consoles. It's AMD's IP within those consoles, so it stands to reason that AMD will be able to utilise their IP in their silicon before Sony and Microsoft hit the market with their next-generation products. 

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Most Recent Comments

11-06-2019, 09:12:03

I have to renew my RX 480 for Cyberpunk 2077 release. I bet I will get a RTX 2070 super by that date if AMD doesn't release their RT GPU.Quote

11-06-2019, 13:30:10

The only part of RT I like the look of is the reflections on metal, Water, Glass etc... not too bothered about accurate shadows, Ambient occlusion etc...Quote

11-06-2019, 18:11:03

The time is next year. When 2077 comes out. Hope they got something by thenQuote

12-06-2019, 03:23:32

Well if AMD pull it off and can do some trickery like Crytek did, I don't care how Ray tracing is pulled off if its real time or fake. As long as I can enjoy 2077 with all the bells and whistles then great.

Also AMD could force Nvidia to be more competitive. Its worked for Intel. I know people say this time and time again. I know for a fact AMD can never bring out a giant killer flagship that will dominate Nvidia, but for those who always buy flagship models, it can help improve price v performance if they did go for the next RTX card.Quote

12-06-2019, 07:20:33

I think there's definitely going to be a big die Navi by the first few months of next year but I'd say it's up in the air whether they'd bring RTRT with it given their previous comments of wanting it across the stack. But then I'd definitely expect PC RTRT cards before the consoles set for the end of next year, by that point they must have shipping silicon that still performs well in ~30-40CU configurations so they could roll it out across the stack, it's just whether it'll come in their next top end die refresh or mainstream die refresh first that dictates it. Logic says the high end cards should get it first due to the hit but then their release schedule and past comments say otherwise imo, could be this time next year at least if so.Quote

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