Alleged Nvidia Turing GTX 1180 specifications leak

Will Turing release this summer?

Alleged GTX 1180 specifications leak

Alleged Nvidia Turing GTX 1180 specifications leak

Nvidia is set to release a new series of Geforce GTX GPUs later this year, replacing their Pascal GPU architecture after two years of service. This new series of graphics cards will allegedly make use of Nvidia's new Turing GPU architecture, though not much is known about Nvidia's next-generation hardware aside from the fact that it will likely use GDDR6 memory and be manufactured on TSMC's 12nm process node.    

Reported specifications for Nvidia's GTX 1180 have leaked from Wccftech, revealing performance levels which exceed today's GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp hardware, delivering higher clock speeds at stock and more overall memory bandwidth. 

While Wccftech has proven to be an unreliable source in the past, these specifications do closely match Nvidia's previous release tactics, with both the GTX 900 and 1000 series releasing with 980/1080-class non-Ti GX104 GPUs as their launch flagship, providing a modest performance improvement over the company's previous generation hardware. It is likely that Turing will release with a GT104 flagship, with the potential for Nvidia to release a more powerful GT102 series Ti chip later down the line. 

To achieve these high-performance levels, the GTX 1180 is said to offer 3584 CUDA cores, matching today's GTX 1080 Ti while providing higher stock clock speeds and faster GDDR6 memory. The use of GDDR6 memory will allow the GTX 1180 to offer higher levels of memory bandwidth than the GTX 1080 Ti while using a much smaller memory bus. 

One key aspect that is missing from these leaks is the Tensor cores that are likely to be included in future Geforce series GPUs, a critical component to the Titan V's support of Nvidia's RTX Ray Tracing acceleration technology. Nvidia made a big fuss about this feature at GTX and GDC, making it unlikely that Tensor cores would be absent from the company's next-generation of consumer GPUs, especially in the high-end.  


 Alleged GTX 1180 SpecsGTX 1080 Founders Edition
Lithography12nm FinFET16nm FinFET
Die Sizearound 400mm²314mm²
CUDA Cores35842560
Core Clock(estimated) 1600MHz1607MHz
Boost Clock(estimated) 1800MHz1733MHz
FP32 Performance(estimated) 13 TFLOPS8.7 TFLOPS
Memory Interface256-bit256-bit
Memory8-16 GB GDDR68GB GDDR5X
Memory Speed16Gbps10Gbps
Memory Bandwidth512GB/s320GB/s
TDP(estimated) 170-200W180W
LaunchQ3 (July 2018)July 20th, 2016
Launch MSRP$699$699 (Founders)

Alleged GTX 1180 specifications leak  

Nvidia's next-generation of GPU hardware is expected to launch in the summer of 2018, with July being a likely release date. The next major launch venue where Nvidia can showcase their next-generation of Geforce hardware is Computex 2018, which will take place in early June, acting as an ideal venue for a reveal/paper launch. 

While these specifications are likely to be false, they do sit as an interesting topic for discussion, especially when regarding consumer expectations for Nvidia's next-generation of graphics hardware. So far Nvidia hasn't given an official name for their next-generation GPU architecture or confirmed that it would be named the 11-series, so everything remains just as up in the air as before, at least until more information becomes available. 

Do you expect to see a repeat of Nvidia's usual release schedule, with a GTX XX80 class GPU first and a GTX XX80 Ti within the following 6-10 months? You can join the discussion on Nvidia's rumoured GTX 1180 specifications on the OC3D Forums

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Most Recent Comments

18-04-2018, 06:00:09

It looks like it to me. Not only is it a die shrink but it's also a much bigger die than the 1080.Quote

18-04-2018, 06:14:38

The 1180 Ti is gonna be the one to wait for it should be a monsterQuote

18-04-2018, 06:17:55

Hmm looks like they concocted it from their own speculation if you ask me. Shouldn't we see a higher core clock at least? 1.7 maybeQuote

18-04-2018, 06:25:40

Originally Posted by TheF34RChannel View Post
Hmm looks like they concocted it from their own speculation if you ask me. Shouldn't we see a higher core clock at least? 1.7 maybe
I would say, with those specs, no. Look at the CUDA cores. They have gone from 2560 to a whopping 3584 on a larger die. That is the same amount of CUDA cores as a 1080Ti, and we all know that boosts on those are around 1800 max on air unless you want the fan going mental.

It's basically a 1080ti in spec.

Edit. Remember one thing as we go into the future.. Nvidia basically ditched the kitchen sink after Fermi and relied on much less clocked at a much higher frequency. With the advent of DX12 they can no longer do that, and they know it. So it was basically time for them to get the cores out of their pockets and DP (Tensor Cores) and etc to combat AMD getting any sort of a lead (as they often do in DX12). So yeah, that is why. Having owned the XP I can say that even that thing is a beast and really needs water if you are using it hard.Quote

18-04-2018, 07:28:07

Looks likely to be true considering the 1080 is faster than the previous gens top end Titan X.Quote

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