New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked

New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked

New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked

New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked


New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked, showcasing Zen's official release date to be in 2017 as well as a new Zen based APU which will release in the same year. 

AMD's Zen based APUs and CPUs will release on their new AM4 "Promontory" CPU platform, which will support both APUs and CPUs. 

AMD will be creating both eight core/16 thread Zen based CPUs as well as quad-core Excavator based APUs, with AMD's Bristol Ridge of AM4 APUs being set for a late 2016 release alongside AM4 motherboards. 

AMD's Zen based CPUs are also listed with a 65-95W TDP, which is a huge decrease from the TDP of AMD's existing Piledriver series of CPUs which have TDPs which range from 95W to 220W for 8-core models. 


New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked


On the mobile side, these new roadmaps also reveal a "Raven Ridge" APU which will have 4 Zen CPU cores and up to 12 GCN GPU compute units, which is a 50% increase over AMD's existing APU offerings. 

Below is a table showcasing the specifications of the desktop version of AMD's Raven Ridge of APUs, which is set to offer more CPU performance, GPU performance than AMD's existing offering while consuming less power. 


APUZen Based APUA10-7890KA10-7870KA10-7850K
Process node14nm28nm28nm
CPU ArchitectureZenSteamrollerSteamroller
Base Clock-4.1GHz3.9GHz
Turbo Clock-4.3GHz4.1GHz
GPU ArchitecturePolarisGCNGCN
GPU Cores768512512
GPU Clock-900MHz867MHz


  New AMD Zen roadmaps have been leaked


Right now AMD's Zen CPUs are set to release in late 2016 in small quantities with a wider release in 2017 though at this time this information remains unconfirmed by AMD.


You can join the discussion on AMD's upcoming Zen CPUs and APUs on the OC3D Forums


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Most Recent Comments

09-08-2016, 16:22:15

Good find WYP. And as always nice write up

I find the APU part the most interesting tbh. 50% more GCN cores and more than likely higher clock speeds/roughly the same(probably former) means that APU is going to be significantly faster than anything else they have released. It's nearly a RX460 on a die with the CPU but is still only a 65watt total TDPQuote

09-08-2016, 21:43:09

Surprised to hear nothing about early AM4 chips and boards, are we just going to have to wait for zen then?Quote

09-08-2016, 21:50:24

Originally Posted by CRITICALThinker View Post
Surprised to hear nothing about early AM4 chips and boards, are we just going to have to wait for zen then?
Seems like the companies are leaning toward very limited sneak peeks with larger information releases very close to product launch lately. Probably to keep anticipation and interest high vs learning much about something early on and losing interest during the waiting period.

CPU front, I'd assume the same range as Intel, maybe with 1/2 the SKU's to start with, although if they go the 4, 6 and 8 core route, maybe each config. will have the same range. I think it would be to a marketing strength if there was a low, mid, high and high unlocked (if all chips are not unlocked...fingers crossed!) vs nearly arbitrary differences in so many choices.

With the updated platform, expect AMD versions of all the same intel range boards. Gaming, gaming +, gaming+ with shiny bits, gaming++ with RGB and epeen on and so forth.

Looking forward to some greyscale themed products hopefully. The RGB stuff is dreadful, who wants 40 utilities running to control all the odds and ends you can add on these days!??! It would be so much better with a unified connector type for sure.Quote

09-08-2016, 21:53:08

1080p 60fps gaming on an APU etc going to finally be possible for games like dota?Quote

10-08-2016, 09:03:28

I am soooo bloody confused... What is the AMD = to Intel Skylake 6800K (aleast 4 core+4 thread), Also I thought there was going to be a launch in October this year 2016??? of some AMD Zen chips

All in all 2016 has been a sack of crappola for desktop tech, paper (drag it the fek out as much as pos) launching. I used to be well up on all this but now it just makes my head hurt.

I can see why PC sales are faultering year on year, just spin on spining bollocks all the time.

One ed off gamer... Quote

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