Intel Launches 24-core Broadwell-EX Xeon CPU

Intel Launches 24-core Broadwell-EX Xeon CPU

Intel Launches 24-core Broadwell-E Xeon CPU

Intel Launches 24-core Broadwell-EX Xeon CPU


Intel has launched a new range of Broadwell-E Xeon CPUs which offers models with up to 24 cores and 48 threads, making their new flagship Xeon more powerful than two Broadwell-E 6950X 10-core CPUs. 

This is a huge increase in core count when compared to their previous Haswell-EX series of CPUs, which offered up to 18 cores and 36 threads. Intel with Broadwell-E has moved to their new 14nm processing node, allowing them to fit more transistors into a smaller space, making this increase in core count possible.  


  Intel Launches 24-core Broadwell-E Xeon CPU  Intel Launches 24-core Broadwell-E Xeon CPU  


These new CPUs will be socket compatible with previous generation Intel E7 v3 platforms with a BIOS update, similar to how Broadwell-E on the desktop is compatible with existing X99 motherboards. 

These CPUs have only 32 PCIe 3.0 lanes each, rather than the maximum provided in Intel's E5 Xeon series or Intel's X99 Broadwell-E series CPUs. These CPUs are designed to be used in Multi-socket configurations, typically quad socket or more, allowing users to increase the available PCIe lanes by using more CPUs.   

This series of CPUs can be used in up to 32 socket configurations with third-party node controllers, with Intel supporting up to 8 socket configurations natively. An 8 socket configuration using Intel's 22-core Xeon E7-8890 v4 would feature a total of 176 total CPU cores.     


 Cores/ThreadsCore clockTurbo ClockL3 CacheQPITDPMSRP
Intel Xeon E7-8890 v424/482.2GHz3.4GHz60MB9.6GT/s165W$7174
Intel Xeon E7-8880 v422/442.2GHz3.3GHz55MB9.6GT/s150W$5895
Intel Xeon E7-8870 v420/402.1GHz3.0GHz50MB9.6GT/s140W$4672
Intel Xeon E7-8860 v418/362.2GHz3.2GHz45MB9.6GT/s140W$4061
Intel Xeon E7-8855 v414/282.1GHz2.8GHz35MB9.6GT/s140W-
Intel Xeon E7-8867 v418/362.4GHz3.3GHz45MB9.6GT/s165W$4672
Intel Xeon E7-8891 v410/202.8GHz3.5GHz60MB9.6GT/s165W$6842
Intel Xeon E7-8893 v44/83.2GHz3.5GHz60MB9.6GT/s140W$6841
Intel Xeon E7-4850 v416/362.1GHz2.8GHz40MB8.0GT/s115W$3003
Intel Xeon E7-4830 v414/282.0GHz2.8GHz35MB8.0GT/s115W$2170
Intel Xeon E7-4820 v410/202.0GHz-25MB6.4GT/s115W$1502
Intle Xeon E7-4809 v48/162.1GHz-20MB6.4GT/s115W$1223


While these new CPUs are not designed for consumer use, it is still very interesting to see what is available in the extreme end of the server market. Will we eventually see 24 cores on a desktop CPU?  


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Most Recent Comments

07-06-2016, 06:22:23

24 cores and 44 threads, I have the weirdest boner right now.Quote

07-06-2016, 06:24:30

hmm $7000 for just a CPU. Granted did state that its not for consumer use.Quote

07-06-2016, 10:37:09

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
24 cores and 44 threads, I have the weirdest boner right now.
Correct me if I'm wrong as my math sucks... But shouldn't that be 24 cores and 48 threads? Quote

07-06-2016, 11:03:49

Originally Posted by Chrazey View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong as my math sucks... But shouldn't that be 24 cores and 48 threads?
My weird 24 core induced boner interfered with my mathematics....... XDQuote

07-06-2016, 15:46:50

What I find pretty interesting is the fact that this 24 core monster manages to get a max boost clock of 3.4GHz whereas our consumer grade cpu 6950X with "only" 10 cores has a measly increase of 0.1GHz to 3.5GHz boost clock. Guess it's easier to add cores than to add clocks.

Intel's next-gen Skylake-E processor will arrive in the huge LGA 3647 socket therefore I assume we will rather see an increase of cores than an increase of clocks. I'd even go as far as to say that with skylake-e we won't see a 6-core cpu and start with 8 cores with the lowest end offering right away.Quote

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