Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch

Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch

Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch

Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch

Performance benchmarks for Intel's upcoming Kaby lake i5 7600K have been released by pconline, showing a performance gain of 10% over Intel's Skylake 6600K. 
This new data shows that the performance gains from moving from Skylake to Kaby Lake will be due to Kaby Lake's increased clock speeds, rather than any major architectural improvements. Right now Intel's Kaby Lake i5 6600K has a base clock speed of 3.5GHz, whereas the rumoured clock speeds of Intel's Kaby Lake's 7600K is 3.8GHz, which is a significant increase in clock speeds given the fact that Kaby Lake CPUs have a similar TDP to their Skylake equivalents. 
Below is a list of recently leaked base clock speeds and US pricing for Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs, showing some impressively high clock speeds compared to Intel's previous generation equivalents. 
 Core/ThreadsCore ClockTDPLeaked Price (US)
i7 7700K4/84.291W$349
i7 77004/83.665W$309
i5 7600K4/43.891W$239
i5 76004/43.565W$219
i5 75004/43.465W$199
i5 74004/43.065W$189


Right now it seems that Kaby Lake will noot be a worthy upgrade for existing Skylake CPU users, unless Kaby Lake can offer significantly higher overclocking headroom.    


Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch   Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch


Above and below are some pre-release benchmarks for Intel's Kaby Lake 7600K showing that the majority of the new processors' performance benefits are coming from Kaby Lake's enhanced clock speeds, rather than IPC improvements. 

Intel's Kaby lake CPUs will be compatible with Intel's existing LGA 1151 motherboards, allowing Skylake users to easily upgrade to Intel's latest CPU architecture. 


Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch   Intel Kaby Lake 7600K benchmarks leak before launch


Right now Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs are expected to launch in Q1 2017, though at this time Intel has not confirmed any release dates or timeframes.


You can join the discussion on Kaby Lake's leaked performance benchmarks on the OC3D Forums.   


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Most Recent Comments

03-11-2016, 12:47:23

Why o why Intel, what is the point? 10% pffftQuote

03-11-2016, 13:07:02

The winrar result is actually kinda interestingQuote

03-11-2016, 13:44:20

The 7600K is only slightly faster than my 4670K at 4.5Ghz in Fire Strike. Considering the boost clock might be around 4-4.2Ghz for the new i5, that's marginal gains over multiple generations. I'm starting to hope Zen utterly annihilates Intel and embarrasses them. At first I just wanted a competitor, but now I hope Zen outsells Intel in 2016 and onward until Intel release their 6-core CPU's for the mainstream market, or maybe makes hyper-threading more affordable.Quote

03-11-2016, 13:46:11

Why did Intel even bother making Kabylake ? Getting kinda tired of Intel putting out CPU's worth only a 10% improvement over the previous gen.If they can't put out a CPU that would be good for a 40% improvement at the very least,why even bother doing it at all .Tired of Intel's putting the carrot in front of the cow approach to how they are handling their CPU releases to the public.Quote

03-11-2016, 14:28:42

Fingers crossed for Zen! 8 cores is going to be the way to go in future. I'm not sure how long Intel can keep pushing 10% improvements. Consumers are more savvy than Intel think.Quote

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