Far Cry 4 Does Not Support Dual-Core Processors

Far Cry 4 Does Not Support Dual-Core Processors

Far Cry 4 Does Not Support Dual-Core Processors

Far Cry 4 Does Not Support Dual-Core Processors


Many users are reporting that Far Cry  refuses to work with dual-core CPUs, however chips that don’t use hyperthreading to “fake” having additional cores do. Attempting to launch the game on just such a system results in a black-screen “failure to launch” bug according to many users.

Now, this isn’t a surprise, given thart Far Cry 4’s minimum specifications say that the game requires AMD or Intel processors with at least four cores. In the past many games that claimed to need a quad-core processor, but have also managed to run on chips with fewer cores, albeit usually with a performance hit or requiring CPU overclocking.

The issue indeed seems to be tied to pure core availability.  Gamers have managed to coax Far Cry 4 into life using Intel Core i3 processors with hyperthreading enabled, despite the mimimum spec calling for at least a Quad Core i5-750.



In recent years AMD has offered very good budget gaming performance with a part like the Athlon X4 760K and the newer Athlon X4 860k, with Intel Rocking the budget gaming world by offering a overclocking ready Pentium CPU in the form of the Pentium G3258. Sadly now increasingly more games will simply require 4 cores, making the Pentium G3258 unsuitable for some future titles.

Ubisoft has made no secret of Far Cry 4's system requirements, with an Intel Core i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 listed as the minimum CPUs supported, so those who bought the game with a Dual core CPU will have to upgrade their hardware before playing. Another high-profile new release, Dragon Age: Inquisition, also requires a quad core CPU and cannot be played on dual-core machines.


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Most Recent Comments

23-11-2014, 09:45:09

Its a shame as the Pentium is a beast but to be honest, I'm surprised this is only just starting to happen. I'd imagine this will be the same case with GTA V.

I'm also pretty sure far cry has odd cpu usage anyway and effectively is partially single threaded (look at core usage when driving around for example) so this doesn't make much sense.Quote

23-11-2014, 09:56:39

So, does this mean that the 860K and the FX-6300 beat the Pentium K in the budget range or what? It was a bit of expected wasn't it. We couldn't just hope that devs would be that lazy and never explored the fields of multicore processing.
It will also breath life into the older 4core machines like mine (On a intel Quad and a hd7770 I'm running BF3 multiplayer on high settings 55fps buttersmooth)Quote

23-11-2014, 09:58:29

I can't get it to run on the Pentium K at all, had issues at first getting it to just load the menu, now it just won't run at all for me. i5 soon me thinks.

EDIT: This is as far as I get.

23-11-2014, 10:17:18

And I thought FC4 was the only recent Ubisoft game which wasn't in the ters for PC! >: DDDDDQuote

23-11-2014, 10:34:46

i am pretty sure its an artificial limit like COD AW had, untill the modded .exe was released and it turned out the pentium had absolutely no issues with running it at stable 60fps maxed out, and because its ubish** title i am more than inclined to think so, also the fact that the pentium can run AC Unity at max settings aswell without issuesQuote

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