Fake AMD processors in circulation!

Fake AMD processors in circulation!

Fake AMD processors in circulation!

Fake AMD processors in circulation!


It seems that Fake AMD processors are in circulation from the online retailer Amazon, as some Amazon UK purchasers report.

How can a CPU be fake some of you may ask, well picture it like this, you buy a new Ferrari to drive home and open the bonnet to find that the engine underneath is from a Volkswagen Beetle. The fake AMD processors have heatspreaders which say that they are an FM2+ AMD A8-7600, but in fact the CPU underneath is of an older socket AMD CPU which is not pin compatible with the AMD FM2+ socket.

To be more specific the CPU underneath is an AM2 Athlon 64 X2 5200+, which is a particularly old AMD CPU which would definitely not work or fit in modern motherboards.


Fake AMD processors in circulation!  (fake CPU on the left, real CPU on the right)


Obviously these fake CPUs are incompatible with FM2+ motherboards due to the difference in pin layout. I advise anybody who has purchased a CPU from Amazon recently to be careful during installation as forcing an incompatible CPU into your motherboard will likely damage it.

In the forged processors a heat spreader which looks like that of a AMD A8-7600 is placed on an older AMD CPU, likely from the AM2 socket, so on first glance many people do not recognize the CPU as a forgery, that is until installation. In addition, the fake CPUs were apparently sold in AMD A8-7600 packages, or at least some decent forgeries as the buyer on Amazon didn't notice it was a fake just by looking at the box.

It is unknown at present if the AMD A8-7600 CPU is the only CPU that has been counterfeited, higher end Fake AMD CPUs could be out there. Amazon have issued a replacement CPU to the affected user according to their Amazon Review.

We advise buyers of AMD CPUs to buy from known trustworthy retailers and to be careful to have a good look at your CPU before installation.

Remember that as of yet this so far has only affected a small amount Amazon UK users for this specific CPU, so to say the least the Fake CPUs are not widespread. 



When speaking to AMD directly about this issue they issued us this response.

"It is apparent that this isolated incident is not related in any way to AMD's manufacturing or packaging, however AMD takes any reports of product tampering very seriously. As part of our ongoing efforts to help ensure consumers and businesses are sold only genuine AMD processors, we thoroughly investigate these extremely rare incidents in an effort to determine the source of the altered products, and consider all available legal remedies - including both civil and criminal prosecution - against persons found to have engaged in fraudulent actions affecting AMD products.

We are working in close cooperation with Amazon and the local enforcement authorities to conclude this incident quickly and ensure that the rigorous quality and reliability standards that AMD is known for are maintained. In addition, while AMD already implements extensive security measures to ensure the authenticity of our products, we are currently evaluating further measures to implement additional security measures for maximum future support."


AMD also has reminded us that they have a guide on their website on how to determine the Authenticity of an AMD boxed CPU.


You can join the discussion on the Fake AMD CPUs on the OC3D Forums. We will be exploring this futher expect updates as soon as we have them.


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Most Recent Comments

09-02-2015, 14:44:10

Cheeky bastards....
That's why used stuff from people you don't know are no good..Quote

09-02-2015, 16:04:38

Aaaaaand why I don't buy from amazon.Quote

09-02-2015, 16:35:54

I'm presuming this is actually sellers who use Amazon as opposed to Amazon itself?Quote

09-02-2015, 17:38:38

Originally Posted by iiBetrayforAR View Post
Aaaaaand why I don't buy from amazon.
Reeeeaallly, the super random, once in a great while chance that some bogus CPUs get sold on Amazon and that is the reason you don't buy from them...

Lol, this sounds like some super edgy 7th grader in 1997 talking about $Microshaft.

Im literally rolling my eyes as hard as I can, This post was so cringeworthy I had to make an account just to call it out as stupid.Quote

09-02-2015, 17:52:55

Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
I'm presuming this is actually sellers who use Amazon as opposed to Amazon itself?
I'd agree with that. If i'm buying from amazon i don't see why i would buy from a seller but amazon. Sort of defeats the purpose. If i wanted to buy used i'd go to EbayQuote

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