Benchmarks surface for an AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU

Benchmarks surface for an AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU

Benchmarks surface for an AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU

Benchmarks surface for an AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU

Benchmarks surface for an AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU, coming in what look like an Alienware system and with base/boost clock speeds of 2.7/3.2GHz.  
This again hints at a premium consumer-oriented platform from AMD, which is designed to offer additional CPU cores for productivity. We have already heard rumours of a 16-core, 32-thread CPU from AMD, with this new 12-core CPU suggesting that this will be part of a larger series of Ryzen-based CPUs. 
Some are suggesting that this CPU will be part of AMD's Ryzen 9 series, coming with a larger CPU socket than AM4 for productivity-based systems. This will be similar to X99's place in the market when compared to Z270, coming with additional CPU cores and lower clock speeds than desktop counterparts. ``

Benchmarks surface for an AMD Ryzen 12-core CPU



At this time AMD has not confirmed of denied the existence of a high-end desktop platform beyond AM4, though that has not stopped many from calling this the Ryzen 9 series of CPUs, with this new platform allegedly being based on an upcoming X390 motherboard platform. 


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26-03-2017, 10:35:58

Hmm. As of right now the Area 51 R3 (on the new chassis) doesn't even exist. The last was the 7500 and that was years and years ago.

Not sure what to be more excited about. The fact there seems to be a 12 core Ryzen, or that Dell is going to use AMD for the first time in forever.Quote

26-03-2017, 12:42:47

Still don't believeQuote

26-03-2017, 12:52:43

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Still don't believe
I may run it later if I can be assed. I will also find out if it detects it's an Alienware, and how it looks. Providing it's free of course

Hmm. That bench runs version 22.35. However, the latest is 24.11 apparently.

Yup, thought so.


Easily swatted aside even the 4960x. I can't post a link to the score in detail because it includes personal info about me. I am ranked 6100 and something, the 12 core AMD apparently sits at 897. That's pretty bloody good.Quote

26-03-2017, 13:27:50

I am saying I don't believe the HEDT rumorsQuote

26-03-2017, 13:37:22

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
I am saying I don't believe the HEDT rumors
I'm really not sure tbh man. I can't see why not though, if the rumours about the socket needing to be larger are true.

There were certain types of Opteron (the 16 core monsters) that were quite large. They were like a big old rectangle. Socket F? something like that.

What we do know is AMD have 32 core 64T chips either ready or possible. What I mean is, they've said that they are going to do a 32c 64t chip. If that's true (and I have absolutely no reason to doubt it) why would you limit yourself to just servers?

Intel do have some odd old Xeons out there, but these days unless they are massively threaded they usually release them on X99. And before that they released them on X79, meaning HEDT could theoretically use any one of them providing your board provider could be bothered to add support for them.

I personally don't think socket AM4 is going to be big enough to support anything more than it does now (IE 8c 16t).

As an example, 16 core Opteron.


And the board/socket.


Now obviously they have seriously shrunk things since then, but I just can't see them cramming the 32c CPU into a package as small as AM4. So that means they are going to need a bigger socket for those sorts of rigs, which means they would be daft to just make it a business thing and not market it toward people looking to build either a workstation, or a benchmark poser rig.

Intel must be selling the 6950x or they would not have bothered.

Right now AMD have Intel nailed to the post for desktop CPUs. Well, they will once they release Ryzen 5. The biggest question I have is what are they going to do about the 6950x and Intel's 100% dominance in the server/workstation market?Quote

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