Benchmarks for AMD's Zen ES CPUs have been leaked

Benchmarks for AMD's Zen ES CPUs have been leaked

AMD Zen CPU engineering sample specifications leak

Benchmarks for AMD's Zen ES CPUs have been leaked


Performance data from AMD's Zen Engineering samples have been leaked online, showcasing some huge performance gains over their previous architectures, even when running at much lower clock speeds. 

With these early benchmarks, several factors need to be considered, first that these come from early engineering samples and do not run at the same clock speeds as final products and secondly that these CPUs are running on motherboards with pre-release BIOS versions.

Looking at the data from WCCFTech below we can see that these leaked benchmarks show a 38% performance improvement with AMD's 8-core Zen engineering sample over AMD's older FX 8350. This is a significant performance gain given the fact that the Zen Engineering sample has CPU clock speed of 2.8-3.2GHz, and the FX 8350 has clock speeds of between 4.0 and 4.2GHz.    

When compared to Intel GPUs on the same benchmark and GPU configuration the Zen CPU sample outperforms Intel's i5 4670K with ease, but performs behind Intel's i7 4790, though it is worth noting that AMD's Zen based CPU runs at much lower clock speeds.    

 Benchmarks for AMD's Zen ES CPUs have been leaked

Below are the specifications of the AMD Zen engineering samples that are allegedly available to some manufacturers, two of which are designed for desktop AM4 motherboards and two which are designed for AMD's SP3 server platform.

One of the below samples, the AM4 8-core AMD CPU, has the exact same specifications as the 8-core Zen CPU in the results above. 

The clock speeds of these CPUs do not reflect what AMD's final Zen clock speeds will be, meaning that if AMD can increase their clock speeds to the same heights as their older Bulldozer series CPUs they will be able to achieve performance that should be competitive with some of Intel's X99 CPUs. 


Boost Clock Speed3.2GHz3.2GHz2.75GHz2.9GHz
Base Clock Speed2.8GHz2.8GHz--
L2 Cache2MB4MB12MB16MB
L3 Cache8MB16MB48MB64MB


These engineering samples are set as revision A0, making these the first set of engineering samples to leave AMD if these leaks are correct. The 4-core variant is set to have a TDP of 65W and the 8-core variant is set to have a TDP of 95W with clock speeds of 2.8GHz to 3.2GHz. These CPUs will throttle down to 550MHz at idle allowing these CPUs to draw as little as 2.5-5W at idle. 


AMD Zen CPU engineering sample specifications leak


Typically early engineering samples of CPUs will come at lower clock speeds than their final retail counterparts, meaning that it is likely that AMD's Zen CPUs will run at higher clock speeds when it releases. 

If these performance numbers are correct and overclockers will be able to achieve 4+GHz on these CPUs AMD may be onto a winner with Zen provided that they keep their pricing competitive. As always a single benchmark does not show the full picture, but it certainly makes us want to know more about AMD's Zen architecture. 

Right now it looks like AMD's Zen CPUs will be hitting the market in late 2016 or early 2017. 


You can join the discussion on the performance of these alleged AMD Zen engineering samples on the OC3D Forums


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Most Recent Comments

11-08-2016, 06:31:59

Any mention of whether that's the 8 core or quad?

The derpy clock speeds will not help. I'm surprised AMD are releasing them with such low clocks tbh. I hope they clock well.

Also it's probably not the best thing to bench a DX12 game that uses mostly GPU really. They'd have been better using a bench for a CPU.Quote

11-08-2016, 06:39:19

Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post

The derpy clock speeds will not help. I'm surprised AMD are releasing them with such low clocks tbh. I hope they clock well.

Well the clocks are going to be low in order to keep the tdp in check, then reviewers are going to get their samples -probably cherrypicked- and they are going to hit the 5GHz overclock and everyone's gonna be "OMG GUYS BUY IT FREE PERFORMANCE" same thing that happened with the G3258 -almost because the AMD chips are going to be a bit more expensive-Quote

11-08-2016, 07:43:31

Looking good for an engineering sample so far, should have pretty good performance once the consumer stuff hits with better clocks, let's hope AMD knock one out of the park with the pricing.Quote

11-08-2016, 11:30:57

looking good to deliver haswell performance I thinkQuote

11-08-2016, 11:59:36

per clock performance seems good to me.
A low tdp with decent performance at low clocks i cant see anything to grumble about. Will be nice to get the bitter taste of bulldozer out of peoples mouths, it only took a couple generations of cpu's for people to forget about how bad the pentium 4 was so its all good imo.Quote

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