An AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper has appeared online - "Sharktooth" is coming!

AMD's ready to take a bite out of Intel's HEDT market share

An AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper has appeared online -

An AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper has appeared online - "Sharktooth" is coming!

Both Ryzen and EPYC have been updated with AMD's Zen 2 architecture, bringing with it an innovative multi-chip architecture and the promise of strong single-threaded and multi-threaded performance. Next up in AMD's Zen 2 lineup will be Ryzen Threadripper, the company's answer to Intel's X299 HEDT offerings. 

AMD's Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper is set to hit the world by storm, rapidly innovating the HEDT market with high core counts and fewer downsides when compared to the company's last-generation Threadripper chips. Now, we are starting to get a look at these new chips, as a new Threadripper chip called "Sharktooth" has arrived on the Geekbench benchmarking database.

While we can never guarantee that any given product is going to be well received, we can say with great certainty that AMD's 3rd Generation Threadripper processors will address most of the shortcomings of the company's existing Threadripper/TR4 lineup. With both Ryzen and EPYC AMD has shown the merits of its new multi-die CPU architecture, and those same benefits will extend to Threadripper.

Today, what appears to be a Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper processor has appeared on the Geekbench database, offering users 32 cores, 64 threads and a boost clock speed of 4.17GHz. This processor is using an "AMD WhiteHaven" motherboard, suggesting that this is a Threadripper series CPU, as WhiteHaven is AMD's Threadripper codename. Beyond that, the performance offered by this processor is much greater than what is possible on AMD's existing Threadripper series processors, offering a single-threaded score of 5523 and a multi-threaded score of 68576. This benchmark listing was first spotted by momomo_us on Twitter.

To put this score into context, our Rzyen Threadripper 2990WX review lists a stock Geekbench single-threaded score of 4961 and a multi-threaded score of 31985. Yes, AMD's alleged 3rd Generation Threadripper processor delivers a Geekbench multi-threaded CPU score that's over 2x higher than a 2nd Generation Threadripper processor with the same core count. While these performance gains won't apply to all workloads, it clearly showcased the benefits of AMD's new multi-die CPU architecture.

AMD's Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper processors are likely to offer higher core/thread counts than ever before. We know that up to 64-cores are possible with Zen 2 on AMD's SP3 EPYC socket, which means that up to 64-core designs are also possible on TR4. With Zen 2 Threadripper, 24-core, 32-core, 48-core and 64-core models are possible.


An AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper has appeared online -  

AMD's Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper processors are set to change the world of high-performance desktop computing, offering staggering core counts and a multi-chip design which can properly utilise all of the power available to it. Mark my words, Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper will be a gamechanger for high-performance desktops and workstations, assuming Intel's Cascade Lake series processors perform as expected.

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