AMD Tests Zen CPUs, "Met All Expectation" with no "Significant Bottlenecks" found

AMD Tests Zen CPUs, Met All Expectation with no Significant Bottlenecks found

AMD Tests Zen CPUs,

AMD Tests Zen CPUs, "Met All Expectation" with no "Significant Bottlenecks" found


AMD has reportedly finished testing on their new Zen CPU core designs, saying that the design has "Met All Expectations" with no "Significant Bottlenecks", meaning that AMD's Zen CPUs should be as competitive with Intel as AMD had set out to be.


The source from the real world tech forums has word from a former AMD employee, who still has connections inside to company has said that AMD is yet to finalise the clocks and TDPs of of what retail units but that the server market is "very excited" about the upcoming launch.  


AMD Tests Zen CPUs,    

AMD's Zen CPU cores are will be to be coming in 2016 on a 14 or 16nm FinFET process and from the CPU block designs that we have seen (below) AMD will be focusing on Zen's per core CPU performance, rather than focusing on delivering more, but limited, CPU cores than their previous Bulldozer designs. 

Rather than iterating on the AMD Bulldozer CMT design, AMD has returned to a single fetch, single decode design. This means that AMD is focusing on a single more powerful CPU in it's CPU block rather than 2 weaker CPU parts that share resources. As we can see below AMD will be widening the Integer Pipeline of Zen by 50% compared to excavator and will be replacing the dual 128-bit Floating point schedulers with dual 256-bit schedulers, which together should allow AMD's new cores to have dramatically better integer and floating point performance per CPU core, especially as the CPU's Floating point units no longer feed two CPU cores. 


AMD Tests Zen CPUs,    

So far the AMD Zen CPU cores are looking a lot like the Phenom's of the past, which fills me with a lot of excitement as I used to own an AMD Phenom II 1090T, one of the best AMD CPUs of recent years, which was sadly replaced by the rather disappointing AMD Bulldozer lineup.

AMD's Zen CPUs will debut in 2016 with Summit Ridge, which will come with a new socket and with DDR4 support, which should hopefully bring AMD back into the races against Intel who have been rather relaxed when it comes to CPU performance improvement year on year, focusing more on mobile and other low power applications rather than increasing their IPC/ per core preformace.  


AMD Tests Zen CPUs,    

AMD's Zen CPU designs are set to be a turning point for AMD when they release, with hope being that it will be able to bring AMD back into the CPU market with enough force to turn around their current financial situation. 

AMD's Zen CPUs are expected to become available to the market around late 2016 on their DDR4 ready AM4 platform.


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Most Recent Comments

02-11-2015, 09:44:56

i got my fingers crossed for AMDQuote

02-11-2015, 09:56:55

40% more instructions per clock is something i need numbers for.. it makes no sense how it can do 40% more work in a single clock.

3.0Ghz single core no ht can do 3 thousand million operations a second. which is its clock speed. But the base measurement is still 1hz and i don't see how it can do 1.4 operations in a 1hz cycle without turnicating data which would leave that .4 useless any way and would get discarded then it all gets loaded up on the 2nd cycle, hyper threading is one thing, atleast then you are getting 2 opperations per 1hz (if possible) but 40% makes no sense at all.

(obviously we arent just talking 1-2 hz here but 3 thousand million of them per clock. but you are still going to be left with 60% of the workload needed to be processed the next clock cycle to complete the work load of the 1st cycle, so it wouldnt even be added to the 1st cycle at all and would just be done on the 2nd cycle instead)

maybe im missing something?
but the only way it makes any sense at all is if Clock speeds are 40% faster. so its 4.2ghz instead of 3.0ghz (or whatever +40% of 3.0 is) but then that's not 40% more instructions. that's 40% faster clock speed.Quote

02-11-2015, 10:22:41

I really hope that AMD pulls through with this one. We need them to, especially seeing how Intel is really bumping up prices..Quote

02-11-2015, 10:27:48

Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
I really hope that AMD pulls through with this one. We need them to, especially seeing how Intel is really bumping up prices..
Yeah, Skylake prices have gotten insane, now my £290 6700K looks like a bargain.Quote

02-11-2015, 10:57:08

a lowly second hand 3770k now is more expensive than a 4th gen i7 lol..
I knew i should have just bought a 3770k instead of a 2500k..

it really confuses me why the 3770k is so expensive though.Quote

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