AMD removes 3rd Generation Threadripper from their 2019 Client Roadmap

Controversy or nontorversy?

AMD removes 3rd Generation Threadripper from their 2019 Client Roadmap

AMD removes 3rd Generation Threadripper from their 2019 Client Roadmap

AMD has released their latest investor roadmap for 2019, reconfirming the product launches which will define the year. Strangely, AMD's May 2019 roadmap contains less information than AMD's older March 2019 roadmap, removing 3rd Generation Threadripper from their product roadmap, leading to rumours and speculation to fill the minds of PC enthusiasts and analysts alike. 

Some have claimed that AMD's 3rd Generation Threadripper processors have been pushed back to 2020, with AMD allocating more CPU dies to their Zen 2 EPYC processor lineup, which is expected to sell well in Q3 and Q4 of 2019. Others have suggested that AMD's 3000 series Threadripper processors have been delayed for another reason. 

Below is an image of AMD's March 2019 Investors Presentation, which placed the release of AMD's 3rd Generation processors in a 2019 timeframe. Please note that this roadmap was listed as "subject to change".    

AMD removes 3rd Generation Threadripper from their 2019 Client Roadmap  

What is worth noting here is that AMD can include or exclude products from their roadmap as they see fit. For example, AMD's Navi series of graphics products are not present within both their March and May 2019 roadmaps, despite the fact that AMD has committed themselves to a Q3 2019 release timeframe. 

AMD doesn't need to include Threadripper on their early 2019 roadmaps to launch in 2019, AMD may have removed references to 3rd Generation Threadripper products to focus investors on the company's upcoming 3rd Generation Ryzen processors. We already know that AMD's 3rd gen Threadripper processors won't launch in Q2. Simply put, any controversy surrounding Threadripper's removal from AMD's roadmap is purely speculative. 

AMD removes 3rd Generation Threadripper from their 2019 Client Roadmap  

Are AMD's 3rd Generation EPYC processors delayed? Who knows, but what we will say is that an edited roadmap isn't by any means a confirmation of a delayed product launch. Simply put, AMD's new slide is designed to focus on AMD expected growth of Ryzen system sales in 2019, giving AMD little reason to include Threadripper within their slide. 

With regards to system sales, AMD's late 2019 launch of 3rd Generation Threadripper would have a minimal impact on system sales, giving them little reason to include it in their investor presentation. Context is key. Note that AMD's new investors slide focuses on client systems, where their older roadmap only focused on product launches. 

So what can we expect from Threadripper 3rd Generation?  
For starters, we can expect AMD to utilise the same 7nm Zen 2 cores as both Ryzen 3rd Generation and EPYC 2nd Generation, complete with a separate 14nm I/O chiplet. At this time it is unknown how many cores Threadripper 3rd Generation will offer, but the modular nature of AMD's designs could allow up to 64 cores to be delivered on TR4, the same core count as AMD's EPYC 2nd Generation products. 

AMD could release Threadripper 3rd Gen with the same core count as 2nd Gen, utilising AMD's Zen 2 architecture and higher clock speeds to offer the bulk of its performance improvements, though it is also possible for AMD to deliver an intermediate core count boost. A 48 core model seems likely, with AMD saving a full 64 core offering for a later date. Does AMD really need 64 cores to beat Intel's HEDT offerings in 2019? 

With Threadripper using the same CPU socket as EPYC, AMD can easily offer the same core counts as EPYC 2nd Generation. The question now is, will they?

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