AMD Release 3 New Kaveri APUs

Lower Wattage Kaveri

AMD Release 3 New Kaveri APUs  

AMD Launches Lower Wattage Kaveri - A great Improvement over Richland


For a long time, AMD CPUs have been considered underpowered yet simultaneously being higher wattage and hotter running  than recent Intel offerings. This has been the case since since AMD's Bulldozer and Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs came to the market.

Since those days AMD has been working hard to lower their power consumption and maximise their lower wattage performance, this is in order to better compete in the high volume Laptop, consumer/office Desktop and eventually Tablet markets. Recently many tech Sites were amazed AMDs 25W TDP Kabini APUs, which has also had it's core design used in both next gen, or I guess now current Generation, gaming console Designs.

Now AMD are now releasing their lower wattage Kaveri APUs, which are no doubt intended to impress when it comes to low power and thermal performance. The most interesting of these new APUs is the A10-7800, an APU with the same amount of CPU and GPU cores as the A10-7850K while reducing the TDP from 95W to a configurable 65W or 45W TDP.

We look forward to testing our sample to see exactly how much performance is lost to reduce the TDP this much. 


AMD Release 3 New Kaveri APUs 

Greater Efficiency 

As I mentioned before Kaveri APUs have a configurable TDP, allowing the owner to chose between increased efficiency and lower temperatures or higher performance.

In the picture below we see that AMD have not just waited and released these new Kaveri parts, but instead have optimized their parts for lower wattages, with the reduction of the A10-7800s TDP by almost a third only resulting in a performance loss of less than 7%. Also when compared to the unlocked Kaveri A10-7850K, the lower end A10-7800 has higher performance when they both use their 65W TDP configurations, this gain however will make a unnoticeable difference between the A10-7850 and the A10-7800 in real world use when at 65W. 


AMD Release 3 New Kaveri APUs


Greater Performance

Comparing these Kaveri APUs to their Richland counterparts should reveal a greater performance per Watt, and greater GPU performance than their previous generation Richland Counterparts. This performance change will b e due to the switch to Steamroller CPU cores and GCN based Graphics, bringing the whole AMD APU lineup right to the forefront of AMD technology.

AMD have provided us with these performance numbers, comparing the Kaveri Dual-core 7400K APU to it's previous generation equivalent, the Richland 6400K. Here we see an 50% gain in Gaming performance in Futuremark's 3DMARK benchmark utility, an 100% increase in Basemark CL, or rather Open CL performance and a 17.2% gain in PCMARK 8 performance.

These gains from AMD are no doubt very impressive, whether or not the gains for their Higher performance APUs are as impressive are a different story. Until we test our APU Sample we cannot tell what the performance of their other APUs are.


AMD Release 3 New Kaveri APUs


AMD A6-7400K vs Intel Pentium K  

One other thing about the dual core A6-7400K is its Intel competitor, the Pentium G3450. Given that this is a K series APU, we can be fairly sure that it is an unlocked APU. This makes me think that the real competition from Intel here is the Pentium G3258, an unlocked Pentium CPU. No doubt the APU beats it is all round performance figures, given its greater GPU horsepower.

I wonder if AMD would be daring enough to let us test an overclocked A6-7400K against a overclocked Pentium G3258 with Dedicated GPUs in a budget gaming showdown? I'll need to get Tom to ask AMD for a test sample.

It is a shame the A8-7600 is not a K series CPU, as a lower Budget unlocked Steamroller quad core would could have been a great gaming CPU when combined with dedicated graphics. 



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Most Recent Comments

31-07-2014, 08:03:23

Looking interesting!

Link is broken on the "here" Quote

31-07-2014, 08:08:39

Originally Posted by CalVic View Post
Looking interesting!

Link is broken on the "here"
Link is added now, the post needs to be here before the article can go live.

It takes a few minutes to get the links sorted becouse at the time of posting there is no article on the main site to link.Quote

31-07-2014, 08:10:26

Libre office will use HSA as well. that will be interesting to see what performance benefit that will bring.
Big fan of the TDPs, nice to see AMD can do energy efficiency. Come to think of it the a8 would make a decent office pc as well. The A10 is nice from a budget perspective but still wouldn't be my first choice in that area. Last time I checked a pentium and 750ti is the same price. These APUs do have some potential, just not from a enthusiast perspective :/.Quote

31-07-2014, 08:22:54

IMHO it is a real shame the A8-7600 isn't unlocked. I could have been a great budget Gaming CPU if combined with dedicated graphics.Quote

31-07-2014, 08:26:39

Originally Posted by Watsyerproblem View Post
IMHO it is a real shame the A8-7600 isn't unlocked. I could have been a great budget Gaming CPU if combined with dedicated graphics.
The whole locked thing is fine tbh, APUs can't overclock that well anyway from what I've seen on the web. My Athlon 750k did pretty well OCing so I presume its to do with the GPU bit. Man I wish I'd actually wrote a review for that chip, decent bang for buck.
Besides, as with most budget builds the motherboards aren't always that happy with OCing.Quote

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