AMD 2016 Roadmap Confirmed! 8 Cores are Back!

New PageAMD 2016 Roadmap Confirmed! 8 Cores are Back!

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AMD 2016 Roadmap Confirmed! 8 Cores are Back!


We have just got our hands on AMD's Roadmaps for 2016, A successor to FX is coming! 14nm is confirmed 8 cores are back and AMD may be back in the game!

On the desktop side we see a new socket from AMD, the FM3 socket which will act as both a replacement for the FM2 and AM3+ platforms, as far as we are aware right now the socket will support DDR4 memory, though it could also come with motherboard which support today's DDR3 DIMMs. 

On the performance end, AMD will be bringing 8-core CPUs back with Summit Ridge, so AMD fans will finally be able to replace their aging FX 8350s with a new 8-core CPU powered by AMD's new Zen Architecture. It expected that AMD will also release a lower end 6-core Zen based CPU.  

AMD's Zen CPUs will all be made using a 14nm finFET manufacturing process, thought right now it is unknown if AMD will be using Global Foundries or Samsung for manufacturing these chips. 


AMD 2016 Roadmap Confirmed! 8 Cores are Back!


Moving down to the performance end we will be seeing Bristol Ridge, which will also be on AMD's FM3 socket, these CPUs will definitely contain a GPU counterpart and will be a replacement for AMD's Kaveri APUs. These APUs will also have full HSA 1.0 support and sport "next generation GCN Graphics" alongside up to 4 AMD Zen CPU cores. Bristol Ridge APUs will also be seen in AMD's Mobile lineup.

Moving down to the "essential and small form factor CPUs it looks like AMD is going to phase out it's AM1/FS1b socket in favor of a new a BGA/ unsocketed approach. This will allow these cheaper units to be made more cheaply, but at the cost of upgradability. 


AMD 2016 Roadmap Confirmed! 8 Cores are Back!  


What is very interesting that AMD's mainstream puma APUs, which are served with up to 4 CPU cores will be replaced with a unit which will have a maximum of 2 Zen CPU cores, which places feeds the hopes of many consumers that AMD will deliver a CPU architecture with single threaded performance which is competitive with Intel.

Sadly AMD did not give any TDP numbers for their desktop lineup, so right now we can only guess at how much power these new CPU/ APUs will consume.

For more information on AMD's New Zen CPU architecture, please read our previous article here.   


You can join the discussion on AMD's New 2016 "Zen" Roadmaps on the OC3D Forums.



We have just got our hands on AMD's Roadmaps for 2016, A successor to FX is coming! 14nm is confirmed 8 cores are back...

Posted by OC3D on Wednesday, 29 April 2015
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Most Recent Comments

29-04-2015, 12:32:52

Here's to hoping that FM3 socket does not suck and they can get good boards.. as of now they are few boards worth getting for AMD.

I'm pretty excited though I must say. Hopefully they can at least match an i7 4790k with their top end unit or beat it!Quote

29-04-2015, 12:46:15

I really hope this is a massive win for amdQuote

29-04-2015, 13:21:18

For the FX line the jump from 32nm to 14nm is massive. Even without any architecture improvements the die shrink alone should be worth 40 to 60% speed bump. Cooler, less power hungry, all in all a massive improvement.

We all need AMD to keep Intel honest.Quote

29-04-2015, 15:15:20

After the Bulldozer fiasco, I'm a little gun-shy. I have to admit that rumors abound and that they sound good too.
I'll wait to see reviews from my favorite tech sites, and read comments from early adaptors before I jump aboard.
I'm more interested in their new GPUs than I am their CPUs.Quote

29-04-2015, 16:08:35

cmon Amd give us a reason to care, i dont want to give intel my monies again this cycle as im due major upgrades this time around.Quote

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