Alder Lake Pre-Orders Open - Intel's UK 12th Gen Pricing Revealed

Alder Lake is cheaper than expected.

Alder Lake Pre-Orders Open - Intel's UK 12th Gen Pricing Revealed

Here's how much Alder Lake will cost 

Intel has officially revealed their 12th Generation of Core processors, codename Alder Lake, the company's first hybrid x86 processors. With this product launch, Intel has officially opened up pre-orders for their processors and Z690 series motherboards, giving us a look at early Alder Lake pricing. 

At this time, we do not recommend pre-orders, as 3rd party benchmarks and performance data is not currently available for Intel's Alder Lake series CPUs. if you purchase now, you will be basing your decision on leaked performance data and marketing, which is not a good thing to do. As always, please wait for reviews. 

Alder Lake Pricing

The good news is that Alder Lake will not be as expensive as AMD's Ryzen 5000 series. That said, we are yet to see how these processors compare to AMD's offerings outside of Intel's marketing slides. 

Intel's i9-12900K is priced at £579.99 at Scan UK, which is over £100 cheaper than AMD's £695 Ryzen 9 5950X. Moving down to the i7-12700K, which costs £419.99, it is around £70 cheaper than AMD's Ryzen 9 5900X. 

Intel's most aggressive offering, the i5-12600KF, is priced similarly to AMD's Ryzen 5 5600X at £269.99. For that Intel's offering users six P-Cores and four E-Cores. With AMD's Ryzen 5 5600X offering users six cores in total, it looks like Intel may have a performance advantage in multi-threaded workloads. 

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU Specs and Pricing
(P + E / T)
P-Core Base/BoostE-Core Base/BoostL3 CacheiGPUUS PriceUK Price
(Scan UK)
UK Price 
i9-12900K8 + 8 / 243.2/5.2 GHz2.4/3.9 GHz30 MB UHD
$589 £579.99 £599.99 
i9-12900KF8 + 8 / 243.2/5.2 GHz2.4/3.9 GHz30 MB -

$564 £559.99 £578.99 
i7-12700K8 + 4 / 203.6/5.0 GHz2.7/3.8 GHz25 MB UHD
$409 £419.99 £419.99 
i7-12700KF8 + 4 / 203.6/5.0 GHz2.7/3.8 GHz25 MB -

$384 £389.99 £389.99 
i5-12600K6 + 4 / 163.7/4.9 GHz 2.8/3.7 GHz20 MB UHD
$289 £289.99 £289.99 
i5-12600KF6 + 4 / 163.7/4.9 GHz 2.8/3.7 GHz20 MB -

$264 £269.99 £269.99 

Alder Lake Pre-Orders Open - Intel's UK 12th Gen Pricing Revealed  
Will Alder Lake be competitive with AMD? 

To answer this we will need to wait for reviews. Intel's Alder Lake CPUs will be available next month from retailers worldwide, and reviews will be ready for these processors when that time comes. Here, we will see full comparisons between Intel's Alder Lake and AMD's Ryzen 5000 series lineups. 

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Most Recent Comments

28-10-2021, 11:00:21

I thought they were reasonable prices.

The 12600 looks the pick of the bunch for gaming, and at that price is better value than the current AMD offering.

However, memory prices for DDR5 are just insane, and until the cheaper boards appear, a full rig is still significantly cheaper with AMD.Quote

28-10-2021, 12:13:52

Right now its looking like DDR5 availability, not the prices, will put a hold on most wanting to do a high end build with the 12700/12900 CPU's.

I'd love to have a play with these new cores but I'm resigned to waiting until at least Q2 2022 before doing so.

Should know about the Ryzen 3D cache thing by then as well.Quote

28-10-2021, 12:22:37

I hope it's not smoke and mirrors because the 12600 could be a real gem.

Still have a feeling that a 5950x will spank their top offering, but that said it is cheaper so...

Good you can get DDR4 boards pretty dang cheap, too. That's really cool.Quote

28-10-2021, 15:18:47

Prices are good. Finally some decent CPU competition, AMD will be revising Ryzen prices soon enough.Quote

28-10-2021, 16:25:00

Originally Posted by g0ggles1994 View Post
Prices are good. Finally some decent CPU competition, AMD will be revising Ryzen prices soon enough.
I hope they do and don't act overly sure of themselves. I'd love for AMD to continue to try and cater to both the lower end market and the high end.Quote

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