Water Cooling - Quick Install/Leak Testing guide

Finishing up and Emergencies

Article by: Matthew Kemp (kempez)
Source: Overclock3d
Date: 10-08-2006

Away we go

After your leak-testing period you pretty safe to install everything. Be a little careful not to dislodge your connections, but you should have everything sealed up fine at this point.

Install the rest of the componenets in your case and away we go.

finsihed loop


Fingers crossed you'll have been very careful and not have any leaks. However: if you do have one during testing then stop immediately. If it's easy enough to fix without dissasembling the loop then do so. If not then drain the loop.

Draining the Loop

Draining the loop is easy enough to do. If like me you're too lazy or short on money to buy a drainage valve then you simply go down to the bottom of the loop and disconnect something. I usually use the pump inlet as this gets most of the gravity. Make sure you have a bucket and tissues handy as this can get messy. Once the loop is drained fully you can fix the leak. Always have a lot of tissues at hand as there's bound to be that little bit of water you missed!


Waterloops generally don't need a huge amount of maintenance. I tend to refresh my water and coolant every 4-6months especially if the water is cloudy. Generally if you have a decent anti-corrsive in there you should be good to go for a little while.

Points to remember

* Remember - PC components do not like water!! Try to keep it away from them. If you are unsure of whether the loop is leak-free to do then please test the loop extensively to ensure a leak and hassle free time.

* Use good clips. These are essential for watercooling. Tighten them fairly tight but not too much that you cut the walls of the tubing.

* Don't know?- ASK! There are plenty of people you can ask about watercooling, especially if you visit our Forum

* This is supposed to be fun - not a stressful experience. Just be careful and you should be fine!

Any questions on starting your own watercooling? check our Watercooling Forum

Good Places to Buy (UK)

Our friend over at SpecialTech stock a huge range of Alphacool and various other watercooling bits and bobs including Swiftech and XSPC

The Watercoolingshop stock a very large amount of hardware inclusing Danger Den, XSPC, Alphacool and Eddie Ek.

Kustom PC's stock smaller bore low flow systems such as AquaComputer

SCAN stock various watercooling bits and bobs

Discuss in our Forums HERE

water loop

UV loop

carbine water loop

frags water loop

xms water loop

Overclock3D accepts no liability for damage caused to your components whilst following this guide. If followed correctly you should be fine.
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Mr. Smith
You are correct!

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27-11-2009, 17:34:14

As this was an old article I hope people are still listening. I have a watercool setup that I could of done better. Next week I'm getting a new better cpu block and will have to take it apart. According to the article they recommend first installing the block and then making the connections but my fear is that drops of existing coolant will spill out of the tubes on to the motherboard while reconnecting every thing. So what recommendations can you make when your modifing your loop?

Thank you.Quote

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