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Thermochill Under New Management
Thermochill is a name that every water cooling enthusiast worth his salt will have heard of, and rightly so too. For the past 7 years Thermochill has been the leader in high-performance water cooling radiators with models such as the PA120.3 achieving almost iconic status around the globe. Lead by Steve Verity, director of the enthusiast orientated retail store, ThermoChill UK Ltd has shifted thousands of radiators to date leaving most of its competition playing catch-up in terms of both performance and sales.
However, if you've been lucky enough to be in the market for a new water cooling setup over the past few months you will have undoubtedly notice a massive shortage of the entire Thermochill range. With personal health issues taking their toll on Steve, the future of Thermochill UK has for some time seen quite uncertain. However, despite all of the bad news floating around in the current economic downturn, today water cooling enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief as Thermochill UK has been snapped up by new pair of owners Rob Creathorne (WatercoolingUK) and Paul Lockey (XSPC Ltd), who will undoubtedly be putting their combined experience to good use in keeping the brand alive. We had a chance to catch up with the guys and present them with a few questions that will undoubtedly be on enthusiasts minds...
Q, So now you own Thermochill, what new things are we going to see?
A, Alot of people will know this already but there has been a prototype PA120.4 produced and tested, then more recently a PA140.3 - both of which we are extremely happy with and both are in current production.

Q, Speaking of production, will the Radiators still be made in the good old UK?
A, Most definatley yes, this is something we both feel quite strongly about, the cores are the best around and the quality from the factory is absolutley spot on.. We have no reason to change that because it will change the characteristics of the rad and that isn't what we want. Thermochill has a very loyal fanbase due to the high quality of the rads and we want to make sure we don't let anyone down.

Q, There has been a large shortage of Thermochill Products over the past 6 months noticabley in the UK but world wide as well, Is this a problem with the amount the factory can produce?
A, This is also a question we had on our minds before we went over to see the guys at the Factory last week.. We've got no doubts about the performance of the factory anymore and the shortage problem can be resolved quite easily.

Q, Excellent, so when can we see resellers being able to get there hands on more Radiators?
A, Our first Production has already started, we are hopeful that over the next 6 months each reseller will be stocked accordingly and when the time comes for them to re-order, the Radiators will be in stock and ready to go. This has never been the case in the past.

Q, Do you think you are going to make any design changes to the current line up of Radiators?
A, Already Steve from Over-Clock has done away with the bleed screw on the Radiator end tank as of April 09, so moving forward none of the Thermochill Radiators will have the Bleed Valve anymore.

Q, Why is that?

A, Basically... the idea doesnt work, and if incorrectly used it creates a potential leak once the Radiator has been installed..

Q, Any other changes planned?
A, The batch which is in current production has been moved over to 15mm Spacing for the fans apposed to the old 24.5mm Spacing.. Main reason being that nearly all other manufacturer's use this spacing and is fast becoming the industry standard, second reason is you don't have to use the Gasket now to prevent air escaping at the side of the fans as the fans butt up right next to each other. The Gaskets will no longer ship with the product from the new 15mm batch but can still be bought seperately.

Q, So what you're saying is we'll now be able to fit a Thermochill Radiator in the CoolerMaster Cosmos S for example, with the new spacing?
A, Exactly, with Watercooling becoming more main stream now, manufacturers are making cases which fit Radiators without the need to drill holes in the case and they all use 15mm Spacing, thats what over 95% of the industry use. There is also more choice for end users when they come to select a Radiator Grill if they need to.

Q, Talking about fan spacing, there will be alot of Thermochill users out there which still have the 24.5mm cut outs or grills for there case, can they still purchase the old spacing design or is it strictly 15mm from now on?
A, The price to produce one offs for individual customers on the old design would be too costly so it will be 15mm after the current stock is cleared.

Q, Thermochill Radiators in my experience always ship with Self Tapping screws when all the rest use M3 or M4 screws, any plans to change that?
A, Not right away we don't think, but we have spoken about this and is on the list of things to look at changing over the next 12 months. The factory is capable of of using Brass Inserts which is quite interesting..

Q, Do you think that Thermochill Radiators will ever move away from that G3/8" Thread for the barbs to screw into?
A, Again not right away if ever, but is on our list of things to look at maybe changing over the next 12 months.. Before this is can be changed, a G1/4" prototype will have to be thoroughly tested so it's not something that can be done without proper knowledge of the outcome.

Q, Let's talk Paint.. Do you think Thermochill will ship with a better quality paint in the near future?
A, The thinner Matt paint used on the Thermochill radiators is alot better at dissipating heat from the radiator than if it had a thick glossy paint on there.. At the moment there is no plans to change the paint.

Q, What will the next product be that you release?
A, Well with the new hole spacing change, some would say that is a new product in itself so those put aside, there is going to be a PA120.4 and a PA140.3 released soon. After that we have many plans but you'll have to wait and see :)

Q, What about XSPC, will they continue to produce there own Radiators?
A, Yes, XSPC is a totally seperate company and XSPC products will not be effected by our purchase of Thermochill. We're going to make sure that the product lines do not merge, so production for XSPC will stay in China while Thermochill will be made in the UK.

Q, In your eyes, what is the future for now Thermochill has gone?
A, We're not too sure what Steve has planned but we wish him all the best for the future. Steve's done a fantastic job for Thermochill over the years and we're thrilled he's given us the opportunity to take Thermochill forward.
Rob and Paul seem to have a solid set of plans laid out for Thermochill UK Ltd. The future is looking bright, and I hope to see continued success under the new management. All that remains to be said from Overclock3D is Good Luck, all the best for the future guys, and don't forget to send a few samples to us along the way ;)
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12-05-2009, 10:50:43

Isn't that article meant to be more on the news side, instead of the reviews...?

Pleas ignore this if I am totally wrong.Quote

12-05-2009, 10:59:24

Originally Posted by name='Hassan'
Isn't that article meant to be more on the news side, instead of the reviews...?

Pleas ignore this if I am totally wrong.
Technically its an Article which sits under the Reviews section as the news section moves too fast

But nope you're not totally wrong...its just one of those things Quote

12-05-2009, 11:35:04

Well its all news at the end of the day. Hope it keeps the legend alive. That was steve baby and what a baby at that ... Legends never die they live for ever ...Quote

12-05-2009, 11:53:01

Good to see,

personally i hope this goes well for all concerned as the PA120.3, is as stated an iconic piece of kit.

Wouldn't part with mine.Quote

12-05-2009, 12:26:50

Good luck to all involved, Thermochill cannot die!Quote

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