[Staff Project] NZXSPC The Build

Staff project NZXSPC The Build

 [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build


The Build  

If you've been following this build and any  of the other great bits of work over in the Project logs area of the forum, you've got a bit of an inclining as to what comes next.  We've planned, we've modded, that's right now comes the build.


The Motherboard

The eagle eyed amongst you will probably notice that the Motherboard doesn't look like any other MSI Z77A-GD55 you can buy. As we wanted a very subtle and sleek look to this build we took the decision to change the colour theme of the Motherboard, changing all the electric blue to flat matte black. For those of you who can't remember here's a picture of the virgin motherboard and one taken after the first coat of paint.  Just goes to show you don't have to choose a motherboard just because it goes with your colour theme. Pick the motherboard you actually want, then change it's colours to match your theme! As with all the mods I'll be picking this up in more detail in the forum thread.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build


 XSPC Raystorm CPU block

Everyone does a build a slightly different way, but one of the givens is that you should always attach your watercooling fittings to the appropriate block before fitting that item.  This is especially true of the GPU and CPU blocks as it dramatically decreased the forces you're exerting on them.  the images below show the Raystorm CPU block and Razor CPU block mounted and in the case.  Obviously there were a fair few stages leading up to this point, and far too many pictures to show here so if you want to see everything head on over to the full thread in the Project logs area. 

[Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build     [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build


XSPC Razor GPU Block

As with the fittings for the CPU block we've chosen to eschew the barbs that come with the XSPC kit and go for some Bitspower fittings.  Not that there's anything wrong with the XSPC ones, We just fancied a bit more bling.  The Razor waterblock is really easy to fit.  everything you'll need to mount is included in the box, along with a fantastic set of instructions.  So if you've never mounted a GPU waterblock I can heartily recommend the Razor.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build     [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build


Bitspower Fittings with tubing fitted

A lot of rot is talked about the order you should lay out your tubing in, with many insisting that should you be watercooling CPU and GPU then rads should be positioned between them in the loop.  In actuality it makes little to no difference to temps but does serve to make the inside of your case look like someone's filled it with fat spaghetti.  The best route is the simplest route,  often this is the route that uses least tubing and as a result leaves the inside of the case looking neat and tidy.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build     [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build


NZXT Premium cable extension pack

The use of the NZXT premium cable extension pack means that we've got quite a bit more work to do behind the motherboard tray if we want things to look as nice as they do at the front.  If you're asking why we should take the time to do this then you've probably not worked out why we're called OC3D.  Thankfully the inclusion of no less that 27 cable tie points, large, well spaced and grommeted cable management holes and plenty of room behind the motherboard makes this job much easier for us.  Still a little way to go but we're well on our way.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build     [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build 


SSD and HDD mounting

As we've chosen to keep the inside of the case as minimalistic as possible we've chosen to "stealth mount" both the HDD and SSD behind the motherboard tray.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build     [Staff Project] NZXSPC  The Build


To see more of the stages involved in this project and of course all the other great bits of work underway, head over the to the OC3D forums area and visit the Project Logs section.  While you're there, why not post a few pics of your pride and joy up in the Rig Gallery area, or share your pristine workspace with us in the Desk & Work Area of the forum

So guys, we're nearly there.  Now just a matter of finishing a few things off and she'll be good to go.  Rest assured we're going to be putting it through its paces.  

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12-06-2012, 15:34:21

This will be awsome. Can't wait to see this finished.Quote

12-06-2012, 15:38:14

Looking forward to this http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...cons/smile.png What power supply are you going to be using?Quote

12-06-2012, 15:41:32

Wow this looks like a fantastic build. Awesome selection of kit, can't wait to see more http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...icons/cool.pngQuote

12-06-2012, 15:45:00

Really looking forward to seeing this build! It'll be nice to see something done that is not crazily out of the reach of most people's budget when building an enthusiast PCQuote

12-06-2012, 15:45:40

I hope the radiators actually are that good, would save a lot of space if that was the case.Quote

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