[Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting

Staff Project NZXSPC Modding and Painting

   [Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting


Modding and Painting

By now you should have all been over to the Forums area of the site, visited the Project logs section, and seen all the glorious projects that are underway.  Like me you've probably seen a few that really stand out as favourites.  If you still haven't managed to make it over there,  then shame on you, you're missing out on a great aspect of the site and missing the opportunity to exchange knowledge with your fellow enthusiasts.  But remember, the Forum isn't  all about modding and projects, there are many different sections catering for pretty much all aspects of this gloriuos habit of ours.  So do yourself a favour and get on over and have a butchers.  Who knows, you just might be able to help answer a question that someones posted, or perhaps find the solution to that issue that's been bugging you for ages

Onwards with Project NZXSPC then.  In this update we're going to be looking at how we've needed to mod the case to enable our plans to come to fruition.  Modding should never be seen as critical of the manufacturers plans, We think of it more like tailoring a suit.  Taking something that we like, and adjusting it to fit us perfectly


Removing HDD bay

First up for the dremel is the Lower section of HDD bay.  With it removed you can clearly see how the area opens up.  And yes, our measurements were right, the XSPC rad won't fit.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting  


Cutting 5.25" bay floor

Next step is to remove a section of the floor area of the 5.25" drive bays area.  It is possible to remove this whole area, however this wasn't needed as there was enough access to get the dremel in.  Please note these are pictures of the initial cuts, the edges will be cleaned up and painted to match the rest of the case.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting  


Test fit of front radiator

With all the necessary metal work removed we can now test fit the rad and the res.  You can see that the end tank of the rad protrudes through the floor a good 15mm, but still plenty of room to house the XSPC 750 bay res, and plenty of room for a nice tidy plumbing job to be done.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting  


Side panel window

Last bit of cutting before we pack the trusty dremel away is to cut a new side panel window and to cut a piece of acrylic to size to fit the new shape.   We've chosen to leave the protective film in place until we're ready to stick the window into the panel, that way it reduces the risk of marks and scratches.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting  


Painting the fans

As you know we're something of a fan of the GT 1850 here at OC3D towers.  You may also know we're not big fans of its looks.  Not to worry though as a quick lick of paint turns these ugly ducklings into beautiful swans (OK, well not quite swans but you get the idea).  After sanding, cleaning, priming and undercoating, the cowilings have been given a coat of matte black and the fans themselves a coating of Gunmetal grey to match the case.

[Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting     [Staff Project] NZXSPC Modding and Painting  


So that's the bulk of the modding done, of course there's a bit more to it than that and a fair few things that aren't shown.  So guys if you want to have a more in depth look at this build or any of the many other great projects that are going on then you'll have to get yourself over the Project logs area of the forums.  But be warned, many an innocent peruse of the modding section has turned into a serious modding habit.

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Most Recent Comments

12-06-2012, 15:34:21

This will be awsome. Can't wait to see this finished.Quote

12-06-2012, 15:38:14

Looking forward to this http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...cons/smile.png What power supply are you going to be using?Quote

12-06-2012, 15:41:32

Wow this looks like a fantastic build. Awesome selection of kit, can't wait to see more http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...icons/cool.pngQuote

12-06-2012, 15:45:00

Really looking forward to seeing this build! It'll be nice to see something done that is not crazily out of the reach of most people's budget when building an enthusiast PCQuote

12-06-2012, 15:45:40

I hope the radiators actually are that good, would save a lot of space if that was the case.Quote

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