FrozenCPU Reportedly Closes Its Doors


FrozenCPU Closes Its Doors

FrozenCPU Reportedly Closes Its Doors


Word has it that the popular US pc cooling and modding website FrozenCPU has reportedly closed it's doors according to an inside source on the overclock.net forum.

This inside source in to FrozenCPU says that all staff has been fired and the company has no plans to re-establish itself and given the fact that all the staff has been fired that no more orders will be taken and that no action has been taken to update the website or to inform the community.


FrozenCPU Reportedly Closes Its Doors  

This is what the Frozen CPU insider had to say;


"The owner has struggled a long battle with addiction, and events that unfolded earlier last week have rendered the company unoperational and shut down for good. Physical damage of the warehouse has occurred as well as the dismissal of all support and warehouse staff; the company has no plans of re-establishing themselves."

"I want to protect the community that fostered my love for computers and technology from sending payments or spending money on products that will not come. Some users have already caught on to this fact after their UPS Overnights were not delivered today. Since all staff has been fired, nobody is updating the website to inform the loyal community about the closure, nor has anyone taken steps to shut the website down. "


As of yet no word has came officially from FrozenCPU regarding this matter, so we advise all those who were planning to make a purchase from this website to be cautious at this time.

We will update this article as we find out more. 




An official representative of Swiftech has confirmed that the site is now closed. Here is what he said on the overclock.net forum.


"Yeah, this is confirmed. Not sure what's going to happen now, but we have confirmed that Frozen CPU is out of business."


We advise all of our readers to not make any orders form this site as your purchase will likely go unread and your order will therefore not be delivered. 

It is always sad to see a good PC retailer, especially one which regards high performance PCs and modding so highly close down. We at OC3D hope that FrozenCPU's former employees can quickly find new jobs and that customers with outstanding orders can quickly have their issues resolved.



Swiftech has since retracted their previous statement regarding FrozenCPU's closure. Here is a  quote from Gabriel Rouchon, chairman and CEO of Swiftech.


"I need to officially retract any statements with respect to Frozen CPU closing down made by our rep here. We have no official information in that respect. I do apologize for any confusion on the part of our rep, which was caused by an informal conversation we had and that should have never been publicly disclosed.

The truth of the matter is this: nobody except Frozen CPU insiders really know what happened, and I for one have been unable to contact any such insiders.

All I can hope is that this could be a temporarily thing, and if it is not, then I am personally saddened by the news."

In addition to this statement the guys over at HardOCP, have managed to contact the owner of FrozenCPU, Mark Fringa. The owner says that FrozenCPU is in fact not going out of business but does say that they currently running with a "skeleton crew" of employees.

The owner says to please bare with the company at this difficult time as they ramp back up to 100% employee capacity.


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Most Recent Comments

10-02-2015, 19:36:42

That sucks... although the site is still up for me, so guessing they haven't taken it down completely yet or it's just me that have missunderstood the article a bit.Quote

10-02-2015, 19:51:53

So who was the insider?

Since all staff has been fired,
...I see, it all makes sense now. While at first e-tailing a wide variety of specialist PC cooling products can seem like a profitable venture, da cheezburgers grind a man down, slowly eating away at margins.


On a slightly more serious note, this is sad news, I bought a few hard to find items from them and they were very efficient and polite to deal with.


10-02-2015, 21:03:40

FYI that update was from a Swiftech rep (where did you get Frozen PC from and what is it anyway?) and it was since taken back too.Quote

10-02-2015, 23:14:09

I literally just received a pkg from them yesterday
was I their last shipment? Lol...

Ordered gelid GC extreme and a couple boxes of bitspower crystal linkQuote

10-02-2015, 23:52:40

oh man. this was the first place to have noctua industrials that i could find. way before newegg. they're also the only place in america where i can buy aquacomputer. i've never bought from canada before but it looks like thats my only alternative for some of the products they sold. (actually, i just found another reseller but they dont seem to have a few things i want. the search continues)Quote

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