5G Internet is coming with 1gbps speeds!

5G Internet is coming

5G Internet is coming with 1gbps speeds!

5G Internet is coming with 1gbps speeds!


 As 4G internet rolls out across the UK, we look to the future for something even faster. 5G promises up to 100x the speeds of 4G and download speeds of 1gbps. The future is going to be fast, and it will mean great things for cross county collaboration and connectivity whether you live in the Nation's Capitol or live deep in the country. 

The impact of 5G on business will be massive, with speeds orders of magnitude faster than the current fastest 4G connections with the ability to wirelessly download full lenght HD movies in seconds. This will allow people to easily connect and work together regardless of their geographical location,  making things like video calls/ meetings and real-time information spreading or gathering no longer limited by technological limitations. 


5G Internet is coming with 1gbps speeds!  

So when will we ever see 5G internet?

The UK has already committed to 5G internet, with Britain and Germany making a collaborative deal to help develop a 5G infrastructure for both countries, to remain world technological leaders and to build an "internet of things". 

UK Prime Minister David Cameroon had this to say to the Daily Mail regarding 5G and his "internet of things";


‘These are developments that could allow literally billions of everyday objects to talk to each other over the internet – using low-cost, low-power chips."

‘And this has enormous potential to change our lives. Electricity meters that talk to the grid to get you the best deals. Health monitors that keep an eye on your heart rate. Water pipes that warn of a fall in pressure. "

'I see the Internet of Things as a huge transformative development - a way of boosting productivity, of keeping us healthier, making transport more efficient, reducing energy needs, tackling climate change."

‘We are on the brink of a new industrial revolution and I want us – the UK and Germany – to lead it."

‘Take British ingenuity in software, services and design, add German excellence in engineering and industrial manufacturing and together we can lead in this new revolution.’


Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, also committed to bringing 5G connections to Nations Capital by 2020 saying to the Independant;


London is earning a reputation for being the tech capital of Europe and that is why we need to ensure every Londoner is able to access the very best digital connectivity. Rapidly improving the connectivity of this great city is a key part of the Infrastructure Plan for London.”


So by 2020 we will first see this magical 5G connection and the blistering fast speeds it brings come to the UK, with a full nationwide rollout planned by companies like EE currently planned for 2022. It will be a long wait s, but for a up to 100x speed increase over the current top end 4G connection it will be an eagerly awaited one.

I for one look forward to the day, where despite my location I can easily connect online, whether it be for a simple text or video call or to even catch up with the latest tech news and reviews.


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Most Recent Comments

10-09-2014, 07:52:09

not sure why they push the limit so far..i still play on 3G with 3mbps.. and 4g is still ultra expensive here in croatia..Quote

10-09-2014, 08:51:42

Originally Posted by GenesisGrim View Post
not sure why they push the limit so far..i still play on 3G with 3mbps.. and 4g is still ultra expensive here in croatia..
still expensive here in the uk.

Why would i drop an unlimited 4 mbps for a 250Mb package?

Once unlimited comes to it for a reasonable cost i will think about making the jump.Quote

10-09-2014, 09:18:59

Lol I barely made it to 3G, my phone supports it but I very rarely use it, I mostly call it socializing and actually talking to people, I'll switch to 4G eventually, in 10 years time maybe, just maybe :PQuote

10-09-2014, 09:22:51

The joke is that afaik, 4G is actually cheaper for the carrier to offer to you than 3G was, but they still ask a higher price for it cause it's quicker. Once they stop doing that, we can all take the upgrade plunge, get a new contract and leave 3G behind.

Right now, I'm pretty content with my 3 year old subscription where I still get unlimited 3G for a tenner per month (it's a monthly subscription so it doesn't end until I say so )Quote

10-09-2014, 09:41:41

I recently changed from 13 GB to 25GB of traffic,i can support 4G somehow,at least the signal shows it like that but i still need to buy a 4G (LTE) device that can support 4G and they come at a price of my 1 year subscription -.-' so yea..4G will come in about 10 years for me,5G..well,my kids will have it one day Quote

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