Aria Gladiator HD2-K Review

Overclock and Temperatures

Aria Gladiator HD2-K Review


As mentioned on page one, the silicone lottery means you aren't guaranteed the same overclock from every processor. Our HD2-K today has right in the middle of the possible overclocks, 4.7GHz. Still more than plenty for anything you could throw at it. Don't let the fact it's not 4.8 GHz fool you. 2% slower when you've got all this power available it nearly meaningless.

Aria Gladiator HD2-K Review  


The Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro Dual CPU Cooler is a previous Silver Award winner here at OC3D, and demonstrates its prowess again here as part of the HD2-K.

Aria Gladiator HD2-K Review

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Most Recent Comments

20-06-2011, 06:31:18

In the market for an all-in-one system stuffed with the latest hardware? might have just what you're after.

Continue ReadingQuote

20-06-2011, 07:32:11

Monster of a machine and not that different from my current setup

Is 1.4v a 24/7 safe voltage for an i5 2500k?Quote

20-06-2011, 07:51:38

nice rig for the bucks

would be even better underwater

well done ariaQuote

20-06-2011, 07:59:22

Nice Looks, great performance and competative price- Nice rig Aria! Quote

20-06-2011, 08:03:23

Originally Posted by BigIan88 View Post

Monster of a machine and not that different from my current setup

Is 1.4v a 24/7 safe voltage for an i5 2500k?
About as high as Id say to go for a retail system yes matey.Quote

20-06-2011, 08:11:07

Brains sure can build a nice looking system can't he Quote

20-06-2011, 11:56:24

Very nice, Aria does it again Quote

20-06-2011, 12:34:33

if i lived in the uk and didnt happen to build my own be there in a flash with a bundle a cashQuote

21-06-2011, 09:46:33

nice systemQuote

21-06-2011, 14:54:23

Originally Posted by marsey99 View Post

Brains sure can build a nice looking system can't he
I can't take credit for this system. It was a joint effort from MR. Rawz himself and our System Dept. leader (Paul C)

I'm looking forward to building these though Quote

23-06-2011, 15:05:49

Quote: "would be even better underwater"

Aria means air...Quote

17-07-2011, 18:42:05

Hi, bought one of these systems, clocked at 4.7 It came in at £1200. Iassume it was a return or something so I got a bit of a deal.

Anyway, it’s a good system. Though I’ve had my problems with it. Firstly the secondary HDD wasn’t connected or initialised for use. That's a bit shabby imho.

Also I’ve suffered frequent of crashes & BSOD's when using it. It’s completely frozen with monotonous regualarity whilst watching blu-ray discs & while gaming requiring a full power off at the plug. It suffers from the ‘sleep problem’ that afflicts these sort of systems & while pressing buttons trying to 'wake up' the system I've had bios reports of overclock fail. Oh and & well, it’s a bit noisy. Especially if you turn the fans up on the graphics cards but that might just be me, I guess it’s what you’re used to. I usually build my own.

On the plus side it does run at a very good lick & games look stunning on my TV when it's buzzing away happily.

But….the worst thing about this system isn’t the system itself but the….you guessed it….customer services. Or lack of it.

12 days after emailing 4 named members of Aria staff (from their website forum) & the generic customer services address I’m yet to get a reply....from anyone, apart from the automated ‘we’ll try & reply within a day’ drivel ofc.

So I’m just going to assume I built this thing myself & sort out it’s problems, I’m used to it but if you’re after a problem free expensive games station & you're thinking of buying just be aware that after you’re money has gone out of your account more than likely you’ll be on your own unless you know what you're doing. You could always ring the 60p per minute technical services number. I daresay thay have someone on hand to respond to you.

Having spent £1200 or even £1400 if you did at the full price you’d be entitled to expect to be treated a little better than that. I don’t recall customer services being all that unavailable when they were emailing me & calling me to arrange the purchase & delivery.

Just a word of truth from a(nother) slightly disgruntled customer, and it's not the first time for me either but I won't go into that.

Peace, and have fun.Quote

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