Ultra Stackables

Stackables Presentation and Power Supply


Let's start with the basics on the Stackables. It definitely does not hurt to have matching accessories sitting next to your computer, and personally I'm a black enthusiast when it comes to PCs, so these nicely influence my love of black. They are sleek and stack together nicely to fit next to my monitor.

The 'stack' starts with the power supply, and then is followed by whatever combination of the other Stackables you'd like to add. I chose to arrange them with the two external hard drive enclosures on the bottom, followed by the media reader. The media reader was much skinnier than the other two Stackables, so I though that looked best. Each Stackable comes with soft plastic feet that you can attach to the bottom of the unit, which fit nicely into the rivets on top of each unit, allowing you to use any order you'd like.

The power supply is a nice aluminum unit, with a great black finish. The rest of the Stackables cases are plastic with a texture to them best described as 'rubbery suede'. Personally, I would have preferred all of the units be aluminum or plastic in order for them to match, but the logic behind this is most likely that aluminum would be too heavy for the Stackables, but not the power supply.

Also, for added functionality, each Stackable comes with a power cord so you can use it individually without the power supply. This allows you to just buy the external enclosure or media reader/USB hub. Each Stackable also comes with 2 small stands allowing you to stand it on it's side if that looks better to you.

Another nice addition is the Three-Year Warranty supplied by Ultra Products for every Stackable.

Power Supply

The power supply is 180-watts, which is more than enough power for all your stackable needs.
12V +/- 5%1A15A


The power supply came in a nice box, with information in both English and Spanish. A few pictures of the power supply are included on the box, and a picture of what a stack with every Stackable available would look like.

Everything comes tidily wrapped and placed inside the small package, and the package seemed relatively damage resistant, a drop probably wouldn't effect the contents.

Inside the box you will find the Power Supply Unit itself, 1 power input cord, 6 DC power cords (to power each stackable), 2 stands for the unit, and a manual. The stands give the power supply unit something to sit on and have  little rubbery grips on the bottom to keep your stack in place. The power cords supplied for each stackable very in length to reach the furthest Stackables, and still be tidy for the closest.

The Unit

The power supply unit has a nice aluminum finish. The blue LEDs on the front correspond to the power outlets on the back, and light up when a Stackable is drawing power. The unit goes along with the black box theme of the Stackables, but, as I mentioned earlier, the aluminum does not match the other Stackables. The power supply powers every stackable you'll use effortlessly, and it's a great addition if you plan on buying two or more Stackables because it cuts down on the amount of wires. It gives off a fair amount of heat out of the back, but nothing prohibitive or highly noticeable, which is to be expected from a power supply.

Enough of the power supply, on to the next page to see the Test Setup and Notes.
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Most Recent Comments

15-01-2008, 17:44:40

We take a look at the Ultra Stackables, a few accessories with portable storage in mind.

Ultra Stackables ReviewQuote

16-01-2008, 06:58:45

Mr. Smith
Woo! Loads of replies!

I think these products are a waste of money!Quote

16-01-2008, 07:09:23

Looks nice but surely those with existing external hdds etc. already have what these try to innovate?

If i had the money and i needed them i may think about it - but its merely stackable accessoriesQuote

16-01-2008, 07:22:30

i think they look sweet tbh

i like stacking things

i always chose stacking hifi componants, over a full system, a seperate cd player, tape, amp etc

i think this is a very innovative idea, even if it is based on an idea from the past...

if they come out in the UK i might consider these..

buy the one at a time as i can aford them lol

good review mike Quote

16-01-2008, 07:34:38

Mr. Smith
lol - ionicle, people generally choose stackable hi-fi's due to superior quality/sound/ability to customise the system!

Fair enough you like these reviewed items but not for me.Quote

16-01-2008, 07:50:18

And to look good

These look cool. Not for me but I can see why people would like them Quote

16-01-2008, 08:04:25

The creative industry uses these kinda things on a regular basis.

Whether a home user would use a whole stack, I dunno, but the option is there and I do tend to think, again, that the home user would have it in association with work.

Just as an example, one of our editing suites has like 6 or 7 Maxtor units, 500g+ each, daisy chained across the desk, with it`s obvious issues regarding seperate DC adaptors for each. This kinda thing would help here, they get swapped in/out a fair bit. Speed isn`t that much of an issue as they use firewire.

Average home user ? Nah, possibly as a kind of icybox idea, esata is nice tho, very nice infact. Home user would use 1 perhaps.

Nice`n neat tho.Quote

16-01-2008, 08:04:43

I think they look very smart too. Sure they aren't to everyone's taste, but they definitely cater for those who want to keep a consistent theme on their desk. Well done on the review too Mike, you did an excellent job! Quote

16-01-2008, 09:45:56

Why was there no shots of them actualy stacked?

Also i dont get whats so good about them - at first i though oooh expandablity as i guessed you could just stack and extend the first unit, but it seems for each one you add it just becomes its own unit....Quote

16-01-2008, 10:48:50

Nice job mike.

I reckon if they all went into one connector (prob usb...) then these would be a winner. Rather than faffing about with new drive/caddy combos every time you needed more space, just grab a new hdd and one of these enclosures and whack it in the stack.Quote

16-01-2008, 10:50:35

Originally Posted by name='Ham'
I reckon if they all went into one connector (prob usb...) then these would be a winner.
Yes - if they did that they would have a great product, im sure it could be easily done to extend SATA drives this way.Quote

16-01-2008, 10:54:25

U mean making one connection to the pc ?

The firewire ones here can do that, u just link the docks to each other.Quote

16-01-2008, 14:42:49

That or you can just plug the USB part into the back of the media reader. Thanks for all the kind words guys. Also, there were I think 2 pictures of them stacked, just not a page dedicated to it.Quote

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