Crucial M225 128GB

Real World Testing

Real World Timings

With the synthetics out of the way it's time to load up some applications and see how the Crucial M225 performs in the 'real world'. Naturally as this is a notebook replacement we are not going to run the usual OC3D battery of gaming tests, but stick to the applications likely to be used.

All tests were run three times and an average taken. With the booting and rebooting we're also showing you the best result we obtained. Whilst this doesn't change a lot from the average result, it does demonstrate the consistency of the Crucial drive. Sometimes the best result is no change.

Windows 7

Because battery life is a primary concern in notebooks and laptops, booting and rebooting are common occurrences so any improvement in the amount of time it takes to get the system up and running is a bonus. Especially, as they so often say, time is money. A 14 second improvement on the time to boot from the Western Digital standard mechanical Hard-Drive, and the Crucial M225 SSD, is quite something when we consider how fast Windows 7 boots anyway.

But if the time to boot is good, the time to reboot is incredible. The SSD is TWICE as fast as a standard hard drive. An amazing result.

Application loading and Battery Life

Most of the use that laptops and notebooks get are for general office applications and a the always popular internet browsing. One of the things to keep in mind here is that even though the improvement from 2 seconds and 1 seconds doesn't appear to be massive, it's solely loading of the application. If every instance of IE is a second faster, and every application load is a second faster, plus of course the file access themselves, it all very quickly adds up to a swathe of time saved each use.

The big selling point of SSDs as a useful item for those portable PC users amongst us is not only the pure speed enhancement that it provides, but also the saving in battery life. Having often been of the opinion that hard-drives consume so little power any improvement would be marginal at best (and anyone who has calculated their PSU requirements will understand how tiny their consumption is), it was with some surprise that the battery life test provided the result it did. Clearly if you require longer battery life and good performance, the Crucial M225 is something you should look at.

Phew. On to the, hopefully fairly easy to anticipate, conclusion.

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Most Recent Comments

05-01-2010, 23:12:45

We take a look at the Crucial M225 128GB Solid State drive. Marketed as a notebook upgrade does this mean it cant cut it with the big boys? Vonblade takes a look to find out.

Continue ReadingQuote

07-01-2010, 07:38:21

Looks good nice consistent speeds compared to some i have seenQuote

07-01-2010, 08:47:24

Great review.

£283 >.<

We're about to be on the crest of drives with controllers capable of bursting over 300mbs as an average, one would hope that they take over the £2/G mantle, whilst the ""slower"" <280mbs existing drives head towards £1.5/G (atleast! ) To that extent, it still doesn't look good.

Think with all the reviews of ssds OC3D has under it's belt, we could throw some comparisons charts together.

Can't mock the performance tho.Quote

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