XFX Black Edition 850w ATX PSU

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & Appearance
Starting off with the graphical design of the packaging, the word 'striking' really does not do any justice. XFX have combined a dark 'DOOM-like' grey and black mechanical design along with bright retina burning dayglow green highlights. Aside from the large "850" text and SLI/80PLUS certification stickers there really is very little information on the front of the box, but with a design like this it is highly unlikely that any enthusiast or gamer could casually walk on by without feeling the urge to pick the box up and find out exactly what is inside.

XFX 850w Front XFX 850w Side
XFX 850w Back XFX 850w Box Side
The bulk of the information has been placed on both the back and sides of the box, with the feature list and rail distribution charts seen back on the previous page making a reappearance. A glossy picture of the PSU is also printed at the back of the box, but to be honest I think that XFX have missed a trick by not incorporating some kind of window into the packaging so that potential buyers can get a good look at the actual unit contained within.
XFX 850w Packaging XFX 850w Modular Cable Box
XFX 850w Box Open XFX 850w Box Contents
Sliding off the outer cardboard layer reveals a two-tiered box design with the top box (modular cables) interlocking into the bottom box (PSU) with some rather simple cardboard tabs. Opening the larger of the two boxes gives you your first glimpse of the actual PSU with XFX keen to show off the spider web style fan grill and fluorescent green 135mm fan through the middle of two black cardboard flaps. Yet another smaller box can also be found beneath one of the flaps, which is beginning to make me think that XFX borrowed their packaging design from a matryoshka doll!
Slightly disappointing is that XFX haven't placed the PSU inside any kind of protective bag, instead leaving it to ride bareback against the cardboard. Hopefully this shouldn't be a problem as the paint on the PSU feels quite hard wearing, but never less there's nothing worse than having your latest purchase arrive at your door in anything less than pristine condition, so maybe the lack of protection could be addressed.
Included in the box is a fairly basic set of accessories. Your get both a UK and Euro mains cable, a set of case screws and a rather snazzy canvas pouch full of modular cables. Some velcro cable ties would have been nice, but I'm not going to moan.
w0000t thats 2 down, just one left! XFX 850w Rear
XFX 850w Side XFX 850w PSU Side
Moving on to the appearance now and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the unit had fallen off the back of a UFO. XFX really have gone all-out to make this PSU look as extraordinary as possible while still obviously retaining the standard ATX form factor. The aforementioned spider-web style fan grill is obviously the most striking of changes and coupled with the green fan blades, goes a very long way to separating it from the rest of the crowd. A cog-like pattern has also been punched into the top casing of the unit, which joins with three 'valleys' that run down the modular connector area.
The rear of the unit is fairly standard with a square exhaust grill dominating most of the available space. Given the look of the rest of the unit I was half hoping that XFX may have at least installed a couple of green status LED's just for 'extra effect' but alas the only customisation in this area is the vertically mounted XFX logo sticker.
  XFX 850w Modular Area XFX 850w Modular Area
Around the front of the unit are a total of eight PCI-E style modular connectors all finished in lime green plastic. Although this looks immensely good, it is slightly worrying to think that someone may try to force one of the 6-Pin connectors used for the SATA/Molex cables into one of the 8-Pin graphics card connectors thus delivering +12v down the +3.3v and +5v wires. Not that I'd want to spoil the style of the unit, but maybe some kind of visual aid would have been useful to help differentiate the two styles of connector.
Now let's move on to the next page and take a look at the cables and PSU internals in more detail...
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12-10-2009, 08:47:03

"XFX's entry into the PSU market may look like it's a prop from an alien sci-fi movie, but how will it cope up when placed up against the OC3D anal probe testing procedures?"


XFX Black Edition 850w ATX PSUQuote

12-10-2009, 09:05:28

Have to say that video is great for suspense! Rather shocking for such a big brand though. Be interesting to see if they say anything.

Still think that people will buy this no matter what just because it looks good and has XFX written on it.Quote

12-10-2009, 09:12:02

I Hunta x
ok is it just me or does the top of that psu look amazing?

the bang want that big in the video tho =\ i was expecting the camera to wobble and someone nearly cacking them self

other than that good review from the quick scim i gave it for now.Quote

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