Enermax Revolution85+ 950w Modular PSU


Enermax Revolution85+In the world of PSU's its very rare to come across a unit that 'does it all'. Some have extremely solid rails, but tend to be based on industrial units and are therefore noisy. Others are extremely cool and quiet, yet fail to achieve tight voltage regulation when placed under heavy loads. Some look the part, but don't play the part. And others simply fail at everything.
However, glancing back over the previous few pages it's really quite hard to find fault with the Enermax Revolution85+. Not only does the unit look the business, but it means business too. 90%+ efficiency was effortlessly achieved across almost all load levels with 94% efficiency even being seen during one of the cross-load tests. Noise output was minimal with the unit managing to stay whisper quiet even when placed in our 50°C hot box and made to deliver more than its rated output, and the operation temperature of the unit was so low that in most cases it barely added to the ambient temperature.
Voltage regulation was also extremely good with the Revolution85+ exhibiting no signs of crumbling under the strain of our load tests, even when placed in extreme and unrealistic cross-loading situations. In fact much to my astonishment, the Revolution actually seemed to thrive on these tests, putting out better results than in some of the normal load tests! This combined with the exceptional ripple results seen on the scope certainly shows that Enermax's 19 years of experience has been put to good use.
There are however just a few small things that prevent the Revolution85+ from being absolutely perfect...
First of all, and probably most annoying for those who dabble in the dark art of cable tidying, is the crude and rather ugly splitting of some of cables a good 15cm after they have exited the unit. Should you for example only want to use one of the hard-wired PCI-E or EPS12v connectors then the other cannot simply be bundled up and hidden under/behind the unit. This may sound trivial in the grand scheme of things, but unless Enermax made a cock-up in the design of the hard wired connectors, there should be absolutely no reason for this cable split .
Of course, matters are only made worse by the use of the gold woven sleeving. Granted Enermax probably have stockpiles of the stuff coming out of their ears, but for a unit that costs just shy of £200, is some sleeving that matches the Red and Black theme used on the rest of the unit too much to ask?
And finally...still on the subject of cables, we come to the Molex conspiracy! Why on earth Enermax thought it necessary to include 12 SATA and only 6 Molex connectors is beyond me. Molex is still very much the predominant standard, especially considering that it has a much wider range of uses. 8 of each would have been a much more sensible choice.
The Good
- 90%+ Efficiency at most load levels.
- Silent operation. Even when running at 50°C with a 976w load!
- Cool running temperature. Exhaust temps were often equal to or below intake temps.
- Great scope results.
- Red + Black colour combination looks the business!
- Plenty of PCI-E cables with scope for plugging in even more.
- Safety features galore!
- Stable voltages.
The Mediocre
- Price. Higher than most (all?) other units on the market.
- Gold woven cable sleeving. Needs to be Red damnit, RED!
- Negative 12v rail quite low.
- Too much SATA, not enough Molex.
The Bad
- Some cables look like they've been shoddily spliced.
OC3D Editors Choice Award 
Thanks to Enermax for providing the Revolution85+ for review. Discuss this review in our forums. 
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Most Recent Comments

30-04-2009, 04:02:52

"Having already got a taster for the Revolution85+ in pre-production format several months ago, it's time for another visit - only this time on a retail model."


Enermax Revolution85+ 950w Modular PSUQuote

30-04-2009, 04:05:33


Looks like the Corsair 1000w finaly has some competition?

Seems to me this wins on performance but the Corsair wins on quality?Quote

30-04-2009, 04:13:28

Yeah its a bit of a tough call really. Although the performance of the Corsair HX1000 isn't _quite_ up to the same level as the Revolution, the Corsair is a fair bit cheaper, is more generic in appearance (for those who don't have a red PC) and doesn't have any of the cable issues that the Revolution does.Quote

30-04-2009, 04:20:27

The cables would be a big thing for me personally, but if you can hide them well in your rig and you want the best PSU you can get then it looks like the Enermax gets that crown.Quote

30-04-2009, 07:43:39

I think £195 is a little bit more than I'd be prepared to pay for it, considering the little niggles it has. If they corrected those in some sort of a revision, it would definitely be worth it.Quote

30-04-2009, 08:10:39

Goddam that's brutally expensive. Amazing, but yowsers.

Great to see the hot box really stressing them. And I totally agree about the molex thing. 6 SATA cables is plenty, 8 is overkill (who has 6 HDs?) and 12 is just ridiculous especially when it comes at the cost of molex's which work for pumps and lighting and and and.

(btw, the "discuss in the forums" bit on the last page isn't a link)Quote

30-04-2009, 08:43:45

Originally Posted by name='VonBlade'
Goddam that's brutally expensive. Amazing, but yowsers.

Great to see the hot box really stressing them. And I totally agree about the molex thing. 6 SATA cables is plenty, 8 is overkill (who has 6 HDs?) and 12 is just ridiculous especially when it comes at the cost of molex's which work for pumps and lighting and and and.

(btw, the "discuss in the forums" bit on the last page isn't a link)
Yeah I'm not quite sure what possessed them to put THAT many SATA's on there. Even for server use thats excessive. Most 2/3U rackmount servers cant hold more than 9 disks.

The ideal cable configuration in my opinion is:

2x SATA cables, one with 4 connectors, the other with 2.

4x Molex cables. two with 3 connectors, two with 2 connectorsQuote

30-04-2009, 12:09:57

I think they should just include basic cables, and 2 of each, and you should be able to order custom cables.

or not custom, but select from a larger range, custom lengths etc... would cost alot but worth itQuote

30-04-2009, 15:11:21

of course this comes out the day after i order my corsair 1000...

although im pretty happy with my decison because i know that the corsair has proven itself Quote

30-04-2009, 15:23:05

Woah, those Sata's do seem outrageous...

I personally think 3 per cable is just about right, since most caddies hold 3 drives, so it fits rather nicely.

Corsair still get my vote, but nice review Jim Quote

30-04-2009, 16:58:48

Terrific review so nice to see someone be critical of these PSU's honestly it makes me weep when some reviews are so one sided as have so many of this PSU.

I don't recall any other site retesting a off the shelf model and also I might be wrong but no other review picked up on the Sata Molex issue.

Thank goodness that there is somewhere we can come to get a totally unbiased review of what is really just a very good PSU, not a world beating machine that will run for the next millenium and only use 10 pence of electricity like some other sites might try to have us believe.

Thank you for the BEST review of this PSU I've ever seen and I think I "might" have read 98% of them.Quote

30-04-2009, 17:25:55

Cheers for the feedback everyone. KimandSally I'll slip you that £20 next time I see ya lol

Fingers crossed they get the issues sorted. The Galaxy went through a few revisions in its time, so at least Enermax don't seem to be the kind of company to bosh out a product and then put their fingers in their ears until it goes EOL.

I'm quite surprised nowhere else picked up on these things though. Even tho I'm a picky git sometimes, these things were so glaringly obvious.Quote

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