Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Modular PSU

Internals & Cables

Internal Components
While the weight and size of a PSU can often give us a rough idea of how the unit is likely to perform, many manufacturers are now turning to newer and more efficient methods of manufacture, resulting in smaller and often lighter power supply units. However, by looking inside the Silent Pro we should be able to identify some of the components used and get a good feel for the overall build quality of the unit.
Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Insides Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Insides
The insides of the Silent Pro are fairly tidy, with only a few stray wires leading to the modular backplane that haven't been grouped together. All components inside the unit are fairly low profile, giving the airflow produced by the 135mm fan plenty of room to  dissipate, resulting in less "hot-spots". As previously mentioned, the heatsinks used to cool the mosfets inside the unit use a combination of aluminium and copper. This hybrid approach gives maximum cooling performance as copper is known for its excellent heat transfer properties and aluminium for its superior heat dissipation.
Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Caps Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Ferrite Coil
Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Transformer Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Transformer
Two low-profile capacitors have been used inside the unit, which should offer cleaner voltages in comparison to the Real Power M700, which only featured a single capacitor. As we can see from the image top-left, the capacitors are rated to run at up to 85°C, but unfortunately we couldn't find any manufacturer markings to determine their origins.
Also pictured above are the two transformers used within the unit. In normal PSU configurations, the larger of the two transformers is used to power the +12v rails, while the smaller is often used for +3.3v and +5.0v rails.
Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Fan Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Fan
The 135mm fan used inside the Silent Pro is manufactured by Yong Lin Tech and has a model number of DFS132512M. As we can see from the specifications below, the fan is able to push an impressive 82CFM through the PSU with a noise output of 37dB(A). Cooler Master undoubtedly chose such a powerful fan so that it could be run at lower speeds, thus producing an even better CFM-to-dB(A) ratio.
Make: Young Lin Tech
Model: DFS132512M
Rotation Speed: 2000RPM
Airflow: 82.41CFM
Noise: 37.98dB(A)
Cables & Connectors
The modular PSU has long been a subject for heated debate among PC enthusiasts. Many believe that adding extra plugs and connectors into the cabling system produces resistance, resulting in voltage drops and in some cases arcing. While others simply couldn't be without the greater tidiness and improved airflow that a modular PSU provides.
Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Connectors Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w Fixed Cable
The Silent Pro attempts to satisfy everybody by hardwiring the cables that are essential to the operation of every PC (ATX & EPS-12v) into the unit, while leaving the non-essential cables (PCI-E, Molex) as modular. Not only does this make sense in terms of functionality, but it also ensures that the motherboard receives the cleanest possible power.
Cooler Master Silent Pro Cables Cooler Master Silent Pro Cables
Cooler Master have made a departure from the sleeved cabling used by almost all other PSU manufacturers in favour of a moulded plastic, ribbon-style cable. Not only are these slimmer than the standard sleeved cable (especially when bundled together with a cable tie), but they are also extremely flexible and look very cool.
Now all Cooler Master need to do is provide them in a range of different colours for the case modders among us!
Cooler Master Silent Pro ATX Cooler Master Silent Pro EPS-12v
Cooler Master Silent Pro PCI-E Cooler Master Silent Pro PCI-E
Despite the Silent Pro being a new unit to the market, Cooler Master haven't forgotten about those of us who don't have the very latest cutting-edge (power-hungry) components. Support for both 20-Pin and 24-Pin ATX motherboards is included, along with an 8-Pin EPS-12v connector which can be split in half to support older 4-Pin P4-12v motherboards. Both PCI-E connectors are also native 8-Pin, but can be reduced down to the 6-Pin standard in the very same way.
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Most Recent Comments

13-06-2008, 15:20:53

"With a powerful single +12v rail and Silicone vibration dampening, can the Silent Pro be the best of both worlds?"

Cooler Master Silent Pro 700w ReviewQuote

13-06-2008, 15:43:30

Nice review mate- interesting idea with the gaskets- sure should reduce some noise, but if you're mounting a normal PSU in cases where it's at the bottom like a 900 there are rubber pads which do a pretty good job of dissipating excess vibration. I'm just hoping PSU requirements for the 4870 won't be over 520W tbh, don't fancy replacing my HX520 just yet.Quote

13-06-2008, 17:16:27

Nice write-up and not a bad PSU especially like the silent aspect. Good work Jimbo Quote

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