be quiet! 350w SFX Power PSU

Cables, Connectors & Internal Components

Cables, Connectors & Internal Components
While the normal rule for an ATX PSU is more connectors = better, builders of small form factor PC's will undoubtedly be wanting just the right amount of cables required to do the job. After all, with SFF PC's being...well small, space is at a premium and having a big bundle of unused cables will only hinder airflow. At first glance, the SFX Power 350w does seem to have a fairly balanced number of connectors, but let's pull off the elastic band and find out for sure!
be quiet SFX 350w cable bundle be quiet! SFX 350w bundle
be quiet! SFX Power 350w Connectors
 ATX Connector Native 20+4 Pin
 EPS-12v / P4-12v Connector(s) Native 1x 4 Pin
 Molex Connectors Native 3x
 Floppy Disk Connectors Native 1x
 SATA Connectors Native 2x
 PCI-E Connectors Native 1x 6 Pin
With 3x Molex and 2x SATA connectors, the SFX Power should suit most peoples needs for a basic system setup. However, since the cost of high capcity storage has plummeted over the past year there has been a growing trend for people to use small form factor PC's as cheap NAS boxes. For this reason alone I dont think it would have hurt too much for be quiet to bump up the number of SATA connectors to around 4. Just in case.
be quiet SFX 350w ATX Connectors be quiet SFX 350w connectors
Everything else is pretty much as you'd expect. You get a 20-Pin ATX connector that can be bumped up to the newer 24-Pin version by means of attaching a small connector block, a single 4-Pin P4-12v motherboard connector and a 6-Pin PCI-E connector. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any graphics cards out on the market at the moment which require a single 8-Pin PCI-E connector, so providing you're not intending on cramming a GTX285 inside your SFF PC, this should be perfectly adequate. 
be quiet! SFX 350w internals be quiet! SFX 350w internals  
Moving on to the internals, it goes without saying that everything is tightly packed. Interestingly though, the SFX Power does not have any heatsinks strapped to its mosfets and instead uses only thin pieces of metal much like heatspreaders to dissipate the heat. This is most likely due to the low profile height of the unit making it near impossible to install any kind of finned heatsink without blocking airflow from the fan.
be quiet! SFX 350w internals be quiet! SFX 350w internals
A small amount of EMI filtering is provided on the the mains inlet with the live/neutral wires being wrapped around a ferrite choke. This may not be quite as effective as the full EMI/RF filtering circuits used on some PSU's, but should still help to keep any internally generated noise from the MOSFET's and other components contained within the device, while also preventing external AC line noise from entering the PSU.
be quiet! SFX 350w Cap be quiet! SFX 350w Cap
Going in for a close look at the main capacitor over on the primary (high-voltage) side of the unit, the small little logo printed just to the side of the white stripe in the picture above-right tell us that this is a Japanese part manufactured by Hitachi. Furthermore the 105°c specification also indicates that be quiet! haven't cheaped out on components for this PSU either.
be quier! SFX 350w fan
Finally, the only part of the whole unit that gets me worried is the 80mm fan. Not only is it an 80mm fan, but it is also a 12mm deep version which means that there really isn't much room to optimise the blades for maximum airflow at low speeds. Unfortunately searching for the model number (MGA8012ZR) on the web turned up no results, nor did looking at Protecnic Electric's abysmal website. So we'll just have to wait and see how this performs over on the next page...
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Most Recent Comments

22-09-2009, 13:13:09

"Looking for a quality small form factor PSU to replace the generic grey deathtrap that came with your HTPC chassis? Read on to see if be quiet! have the answer."

be quiet! 350w SFX Power PSUQuote

22-09-2009, 13:22:50

Very nice unit that, the size of it is great, whilst performance is sitll good. Looks nice as usual too!

Shame it's noisy at full load, but for the applications it's aimed at, will it ever reach full load?Quote

22-09-2009, 13:43:55

My initial thoughts were that they've done really well to get it so small, but it's a shame about the noise. Then exactly like Peter I wondered how likely it is for a HTPC system to hit full load.

Depends on if you use it for Bluray playback (thus a beefy CPU) or not I guess.Quote

22-09-2009, 14:37:59

Perfect timing.

Need a HTPC PSU as my relative's HTPC PSU just busted!

Gotta love OC3D.Quote

22-09-2009, 15:14:49

Originally Posted by name='zak4994'
Perfect timing.

Need a HTPC PSU as my relative's HTPC PSU just busted!

Gotta love OC3D.
Glad to be of service

@Peter/VB, yeah I doubt in most systems it will come close to 350w so the high load noise won't really be too much of an issue. But on the other hand I do have a Q6600 HTPC with a HD4850 and 3x1TB HDD's, so I might give it a slightly hard time Quote

22-09-2009, 15:15:40

Just wanna make sure before I order, will this fit in an HP Slimline PC?

Don't wanna thread hijack. lolQuote

22-09-2009, 15:22:12

Originally Posted by name='zak4994'
Just wanna make sure before I order, will this fit in an HP Slimline PC?

Don't wanna thread hijack. lol
If it takes a standard SFX PSU then yeah I'd say so. We can compare measurements if you're not sure tho Quote

22-09-2009, 16:25:03

Lol. That's a hell of a HTPC Jim!

I still find the size of the thing amazing. As so many PC parts are getting enormous (men and their size fetish eh) it's great to see some companies going in the opposite way.

I'd love to see how it looks in size against the PCP&C behemoth Quote

23-09-2009, 10:26:20

It all really depends if ur buying all the components for a htpc, or ur using gear u have lying about to make one.

The size, or shape, of the unit here wouldn't fit into the htpc I've got at present. It's more the shape of a squashed vhs-video unit - to that extent, the options are to really go with what is supplied with the case. It works, can't remember off-hand if it's 300/350/400 (might be a CiT), but it is a p4 designed psu, with optional replacements coming in the shape of some obscure stockers. 4 pins to the Q35m mobo has worked to this point.

So really, even with the psu being aimed at the smaller case market, u do have to consider the cases this could limit u to.

Imo too, being as this will not be used (or meant for should I say, cos people do some strange things) in some enthusiasts oc'ing, large graphics, loads of drives, rig - it has a limited appeal to the small case people that I don't think warrants a costing of £45 necessarily.

Having said that, it performs close to the quality of a regular atx of similar wattage. Therein lies the reason u would have to submit.

More than anything tho, I like the idea that the option is out there. Too many things pop-up during custom builds, that hamper what u might want to do. Having the shorter depth is great without the loss of quality.

Great stuff.

(another thing this will be good for is replacement psus for dell/compaq etc builds that often have a small-depth psu in them. if u try a regular one in them, u find the dvd drive doesnt fit. great option)Quote

25-09-2009, 04:23:06

Wouldn't this be perfect as the second power-supply in a WC system!

Just thought of that.Quote

25-09-2009, 04:33:50

Originally Posted by name='VonBlade'
Wouldn't this be perfect as the second power-supply in a WC system!

Just thought of that.
Yep. It may be a bit old school now but I was also thinking that it would make quite a good TEC/Pelt PSU.Quote

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