ASUS U-75HAAs ASUS' first entry into the PSU market we had high hopes that they was going to bring something new and unique to the table. After all, ASUS is a name that most enthusiasts will associate with high-end radically designed motherboards with extreme performance and more gadgets than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately ASUS let us down.

While the U-75HA is certainly not a bad PSU by any means, it's hard to describe it as anything more than 'average' - a proverbial plain Jane of the PSU world. It almost feels like ASUS went shopping one day, picked a PSU from the shelf and decided to re-brand it as their own. There really is no 'ASUS' as we know it in the U-75HA, no sign that anybody has actually given any though to how the age-old PSU design used by so many manufacturers could be improved upon, and unfortunately as a result the U-75HA is likely to find it very hard to gain a foothold in an already saturated market.

However, while the U-75HA may not quite have lived up to our expectations it certainly doesn't mean that the power supply should be shunned by those of us who are looking for a no nonsense 750w unit that simply gets the job done. Load voltages were good all the way up to 75% and efficiency came within a whisker of 86% when under 429w load. Only when we pressed it to it's limits did the U-75HA show signs of strain with the +3.3v rail dropping to 3.1v and the +12v3/4 rails dipping 11.70v. While we couldn't get any official noise measurements for the unit due to the noise emitted from our SM-268+ load tester, the U-75HA remained cool throughout the tests and as a result only needed to increase the fan speed slightly.

At present there are no stores in the UK listing the U-75HA; making it impossible to work out where ASUS have positioned the U-75HA price-wise in the market. However, when this information becomes available to us the scoring chart below will be updated.

The Good
- Cool running even at 100% load.
- Up to 86% efficiency.

The Mediocre
- Reasonable stability up to 75% load.

The Bad
- 3.3v rail falls outside of ATX spec at 100% load.
- Nothing to separate the U-75HA from any other standard PSU on the market.

Thanks to ASUS for providing the U-75HA for review. Discuss this review in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

24-01-2009, 14:24:03

"ASUS made their entrance into the PSU market with the U-75HA. But has it got the goods to stand out from the rest of the crowd?"

ASUS U-75HA 750w ATX PSUQuote

24-01-2009, 15:35:15

So this fails at 100% load (outside the ATX standards which lets face it are pretty lax) on the 3.3V rail and the 12V is down a long way too. I wouldn't use it with my rig (even if it provided enough power, but you get the point). In my books, Asus should have put it at 700W or so to ensure it didn't go outside the ATX standards. In addition, its dissapointing to see a no name fan and 85C capacitors.

All in all a bit of a dissapointing product. I'm not sure it deserves the 7.5 performance really.

Still nicely presented and great review, nice to see temperature readings and finally have a look at the PSU tester.Quote

24-01-2009, 15:50:55

Asus are an odd company. Their hardware is usually brilliant, their software less so. They've done well to build up a loyal fanbase but seem to be hoping to work on name value alone with this. Strange.

Great to see the new bit of kit put to good use. Power supplies are something people tend to overlook when buying hardcore hardware, even though it's the heart of the machine, so to get some serious numbers is fantastic!


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