OCZ Gold XTC PC2-8800 DDR2 2gb Kit

Test Setup & Settings

Test Setup

Processor: Intel Core2Duo X6800 "Conroe"
Motherboard: Asus P5B Deluxe (unmodded)
Graphics Card: XFX 7900GT Extreme
Hard Disks: 2x Hitachi Deskstar 80gb SATA-II 8mb Cache (RAID0)
Power Supply: PCP&C Silencer 850w
Operating System: Windows XP SP2


When benchmarking the OCZ PC2-8800 I wanted to be sure to cover all angles. Some people like to run their memory at low latencies, some like to run their memory at high frequencies, whilst others prefer a mixture of both settings. Below is some information regarding the testing procedures and their results:

Stock Settings (5-6-6-16 / 550mhz)


Quite often when testing memory modules from other manufacturers we find that they take a lot of tweaking in order to run stable at stock settings. However, with the OCZ Gold PC2-8800 we simply popped it in our test machine, set the BIOS memory options to SPD and was able to enjoy the full speed of DDR2-1100 without any issues.

Lowest Timings at Stock Frequency (5-5-4-10 / 550mhz)


With a little tweaking and a bit of extra voltage I managed to push the modules down to 5-5-4-10, a reasonably respectable latency setting which should give this modules a bit of a boost over stock settings in the benchmarks over the next pages. The modules did manage to clock down to 5-4-4-10, but unfortunately this was not stable and most probably needed a bit of extra voltage.

Highest Frequency at Stock Timings (5-6-6-15 / 580mhz)


Without sacrificing the memory latency, I set out to find the maximum frequency that these modules could run at. After a bit of tweaking and some extra voltage, I managed to obtain DDR2-1160. Not bad at all for modules aimed at the mid-range market.

Lowest Timings Overall (4-4-4-10 / 475mhz)


Dropping the multi on the X6800 down to 8 enabled me to push the FSB on the Asus P5B motherboard to its limits. Using 1:1 ratio for the memory, I was able to hit 475fsb. As this is a fair bit below the rated speed of 550mhz for these modules, I proceeded to tighten the timings.

Managing a pretty amazing 4-4-4-10 at DDR950 is certainly nothing to be sniffed at, and makes these modules ideal for users who are not able to fully utilise the high frequencies of this ram.

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Most Recent Comments

25-09-2006, 12:32:02

"Just when you thought that PC2-8500 was impressive, OCZ go and take things one step further by releasing a 2gb kit rated at 1.1ghz (PC2-8800). Lets see what these babies are capable of..."


25-09-2006, 12:35:44

*starts to wonder if XMS does actualy have a job...*

Good to see you hard at it though:P.Quote

25-09-2006, 12:37:54

nice and blingin Quote

25-09-2006, 12:40:16

Originally Posted by Ham
*starts to wonder if XMS does actualy have a job...*

Good to see you hard at it though:P.
Yeah i try to keep pointless sleeping to a minimum :sleep:Quote

25-09-2006, 17:56:53

Originally Posted by name='XMS'
Yeah i try to keep pointless sleeping to a minimum :sleep:
lol! I came home today to see 4 new reviews! Good work guys Quote

25-09-2006, 23:46:16

Awesome review Jim. Those OCZ sticks are certainly very classy, and DDR2-1160 on stock timings Quote

28-09-2006, 18:30:51

Yet another superb review, your photo's are amazing as well as the detail you've gone into again. You certianly do it with love.Quote

29-09-2006, 03:20:49

THanks very much kimandsally Quote

29-09-2006, 20:30:15

Very nice, just a quick question tho, isn't 2.4v a bit much for ddr2?


29-09-2006, 23:26:02

no, 2.5 is what they are warrantied for. well those chips anyways. I haven't read the review yet....but, I believe they are using the micron chips. Those will do 2.4 all day. any higher and you'll cut down on the life expectancy of them big time. Not to mention the need for active cooling.

My Ballistix tracers were running 1014 @ 2.4 for a while and man those suckers got hot during prime.


And yes, the D9GMH as mentioned in the review are Micron chips...I'd be willing to bet that 98% of manufacturers that use those for their memory can be overclocked to pc-8000 speeds @ 5-5-5-12 @ 2.2vQuote

30-09-2006, 05:03:07

As spedy said 2.4v is fine for these. OCZ actually warrent them up to this voltage. So if they did fry at 2.4v you could just RMA them Quote

30-09-2006, 10:38:10

sure could, since i'm certain there would be some type of don't ask don't tell policy on that...

and just in case anyone is scratching my head about my last post, i mean some manufacturers that use those chips give the memory the spd rating of 5300, 5400, 6700, whatever, but they can easily reach the 8000 mark with the added voltage.Quote

09-01-2008, 18:00:15

Hi people, I know this is an old thread but I'm new here and read the review of these sticks yesterday. I was impressed and as I am on a budget I think these would fill my needs nicely to upgrade from OCZ gold 6400 sticks I have now. The problem is I looked for them and find they are now discontinued? Well as memory is at a good price at the moment and I need 4gig in latency matched pairs, I just wondered if anyone knew where I could still get some? They were only around a year and someone must still have some in stock?

Any help in tracking these down would be much appreciated.

09-01-2008, 18:04:27


09-01-2008, 18:27:42

2x2gb for £77 ! that`s crazy cheap.

2x2 does seem to be where it`s at atm. I regret getting the memory I got tbh.Quote

10-01-2008, 00:00:45

Thank you both for your advice and those are good prices. Thing is if I am going to upgrade I need faster than the 800 memory speed I already have. I am overclocking a Core 2 duo E6850 on an Asus Maximus Formula SE board and the OCZ I have is great to a point, but I want to go a bit higher.

The point about 2x2gb sticks is a good one, but at the moment no one caters for the extra space needed for the fat heatsinks. I think 77 quid is a great price but I would be swapping like for like with no real gain. It seems that after DDR2 6400 the prices start to hike again rapidly.

10-01-2008, 06:09:03

Ah well, the 2gb ReaperX sticks do 1000MHz no problems (DDR500) *shrugs*. RAM speed isn't as important as CPU speedQuote

10-01-2008, 21:19:33

Well I found some Crucial Ballistix 8500's that according to the review on here overclock really well, up to 1220mhz. They were on offer at Overclockers for 170 quid all in for the 4 gig. Thats a great price and great reviews on here that led me to them. I wanted Ocz because my present gold ones have been good, but putting both reviews side by side the Crucials win hands down.

Incidentally I found the Ocz 8800 gold sticks I was originally looking for on AVIA, but considering it's discontinued memory, it was a couple of quid more than the Crucials.

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