Kingston LoVo 1866 Memory Review


Kingston LoVo  1866 Memory Review


Consistent I think best describes our results today.

Very little, if anything, has given us such a comprehensively predictable set of results across our testing. Normally a product will be good in certain areas and possibly not quite so good in others. It's why we test using the software we use.

However the Kingston LoVo stood proudly astride our graphs no matter what we tested. The strangest results actually came when it was using the XMP1 profile to go up against the only other low voltage kit we've tested, the G.Skill ECO. The G.Skill is CAS7, whereas the Hyper-X LoVo is CAS9, yet the Kingston was still just ahead by a nose in nearly all our tests.

Overclocking performance was nothing short of brilliant. It would be tempting to assume that just because this is low-voltage it might not be quite up to the task of running as hard as its more performance orientated brethren. However this was miles from the case as we got it up to 2200MHz whilst remaining within ATX specifications.

Before we wrap up we need to say a little something about the 8GB goodness compared to the 4GB that we normally test on our P55 platform. Memory is, to a small degree, one of those things that has diminishing returns. If you've only got 1GB then 2GB will be infinitely smoother. Equally the leap from 2GB to 4GB has noticeable performance improvements too. Once you cross the 4GB thresh-hold it's harder to spot those differences unless you're working with immense file-sizes and six or seven things at once.

Thankfully we often do that here at OC3D. When we're collating all our results and things it's not a shock to find four or five explorer windows, our graphing program, Excel and Firefox open, along with Photoshop and about a dozen massive images. Whereas we normally do this on a 6GB equipped LGA1366 rig, but for this review we used the rig we'd benched on. With 4GB there was definite performance reduction with everything open. However with 8GB it was a breeze. Not a lot more than with the 6GB 1366, but definitely more than with 4GB on a P55.

The pricing makes the conclusion a little stickier and less clear cut. 4GB of the LoVo will set you back £150. This is compared to 4GB of the G.Skill at around £110. If you're running at the XMP 1 profile (1600 @ 1.25v) then the small performance increase it has, coupled to the very minor performance improvements, make it a very close call.

However, if you run at 1866MHz, or plan to overclock, then this is bullet-proof, and consistent in all tasks. We're happy to award it the OC3D Recommended award for performing so well under such low voltage, whilst still being an able overclocker.


Thanks to Kingston for providing the LoVo for review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

14-06-2010, 06:20:50

With more people interested in green hardware, Kingston have thrown their hat into the ring.

Continue ReadingQuote

15-06-2010, 07:56:43

The trouble is NVIDIA (Green) are beaten out in the energy efficiency ring by AMD (Red) meaning a truly energy efficient PC will end up looking more like a Christmas tree than a miniaturised Hulk Quote

15-06-2010, 08:01:21

LMAO thats not a bad angle Quote

15-06-2010, 15:33:54

ime not a Eco componant Fan,give me a 1500wPSU and 3 480s and a evga sr2 a couple of xenons and see my electric billQuote

15-06-2010, 17:08:42

Xenon? Thats a gas.

All hail the number seaker. Its not all about epeen fella.......Quote

23-06-2010, 14:36:34

Andrew Moore
Nicely done that! Have you looked to compare these against g.skill eco kits? I have all 3 from the range here.. 1600cl7, cl8, cl9. All 1.35v. All very nice kits


31-08-2010, 05:36:28

hate to be the sore thumb in all of this. but a reduction of 300mv makes something "green" these days? I would be curious to know the total current draw, based on an amp/watt total....vs. "normal ram"

I don't think a reduction of 300mv and a green heat spreader can really be called "low voltage".....maybe "slightly lower voltage" or "slovo" would have been more appropriate a title (lolz c wut i did thar?)

seriously "green" seems to be the hype marketing term these days, for products that really aren't that different

I do however, applaud them for effort....Quote

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