G.Skill Trident X 2400MHz 8GB Review


G.Skill Trident X 2400MHz 8GB Kit


In our introduction we mentioned how difficult it is to tell the difference between high-speed memory kits in everything but benchmark tests.

Having performed those tests, it's pretty clear that there isn't much of a difference in benchmarks either. Considering how much better our Z77 test bench is when compared to the P67 arrangement, it's even more surprising that there really isn't a swathe of higher scores.

Although the CPU clock speeds were the same, the i7-3770K is a hyper-threaded CPU, whereas our old i5-2500K was a pure Quad-Core. Despite this, and the 267MHz speed increase available from the Trident X, there really isn't anything between this 2400MHz Trident X kit and, for example, the 2133MHz G.Skill Ripjaws X. The only two graphs that showed a large performance gain were both ones that also took full advantage of the hyper-threading available, rather than relying solely upon memory speed.

The new heatspreader design is both aesthetically pleasing, and has a nice little trick up its sleeve. We're so often warning about the ability to fit a monster RAM kit under your twin-tower CPU cooler of choice, and G.Skill have neatly side-stepped this problem by allowing you to unscrew the red section of the heatspreader to lower the profile. You aren't even giving up any cooling ability by doing this, as we tested both with and without the top section and had no discernible effect upon temperatures.

Overclocking was an exercise in frustration. Because G.Skill provide a 2600MHz version of the Trident X it makes business sense to use the fastest chips in that, but that has the trickle down affect of meaning our 2400MHz sample has chips which couldn't do that speed, so you can't overclock. We managed to tighten the timings a little, but in truth you're paying for a RAM kit which will do exactly what it says it will, and if you're super lucky you might find one that overclocks, just don't bank upon it.

So it's only average in performance, it doesn't overclock particularly well, and it's around £30 more expensive than a 2133MHz kit. In the harsh world of bang per buck, it doesn't really cut it. You're better off sticking with Ripjaws X, or paying the extra for the full-fat Trident X 2600MHz. Still the cool design and decent level of performance is enough to warrant our Bronze award.


Thanks to G.Skill for supplying the 8GB Trident X 2400MHz for review, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D forums.

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29-06-2012, 05:33:10


Today we take a look at a blazing 2400MHz kit from G.Skill. Does the extra speed pay dividends?

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29-06-2012, 09:51:53

Awesome review! Finally an 8GB Trident X Kit Quote

29-06-2012, 10:07:36

Josh Weston
A good review once again, and I think this really hammers it home that anything more than 1600MHz is a waste, unless it's the same price as the 1600MHz DIMMs.
He says...with his overpriced 2133MHz RAM -.-Quote

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