Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 2GB DDR2 Kit

Test Setup & Settings

Test Setup

Processor: Intel Core2Duo E6700 "Conroe"
Motherboard: Asus Commando P965 (unmodded)
Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI X1950Pro 256mb
Hard Disks: 2x Hitachi Deskstar 80gb SATA-II 8mb Cache (RAID0)
Power Supply: Enermax Infiniti 720w
Operating System: Windows XP SP2


As with all DDR2 reviews on Overclock3D the Ballistix modules were subjected to a series of benchmark tests under several different configurations. The configurations used tested the memory's ability to run at high frequencies, tight timings and also ensured that that it could run with 100% stability at stock settings.

DDR2-1066 / 5-5-5-15 / 2.2v


It's an unfortunate fact that some memory modules we've tested here at Overclock3D in the past haven't even been able to run stable at stock settings. Sometimes this is down to an incompatibility between the motherboard chipset and memory IC's, and other times the modules just havent been tested extensively at their rated speed. With this in mind, the first test we perform on any modules passing through the OC3D labs is their ability to run at the settings specified by the manufacturer.

I'm pleased to say that the Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 kit passed the stock testing with flying colours, managing to run at 5-5-5-15 / DDR2-1066 with the rated 2.2v.

DDR2-1066 / 4-4-4-6 / 2.35v


Increasing the memory voltage to 2.35v allowed the timings to be tightened to a very respectable 4-4-4-8 while still running at DDR-1066. These tighter timings should offer a slight performance boost over the stock settings as I'm sure we will see over the next page.

Attempting to tighten the timings further than this proved unsuccessful regardless of how much extra voltage was used.

DDR2-1220 / 5-5-5-15 / 2.35v


One of the most important factors in purchasing RAM modules for most PC enthusiasts is how far they can be overclocked. Previous Crucial Ballistix kits we've tested have proved to be very good in this regard, and I'm pleased to say that things haven't changed with their PC2-8500 kit. Managing an impressive 14% overclock up to 610mhz (DDR2-1220) from the stock 533mhz frequency with only 2.35v, the Ballistix kit should certainly appeal to the overclocking crowd.
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Most Recent Comments

27-03-2007, 07:35:54

Nvidia's rumoured to be unleashing the beast that is the 8800 Ultra in time for R600's debut. Are Nvidia against the ropes this time around, or are they just sticking the knife in further? Feel free to comment below...


27-03-2007, 07:48:36

$1000USD MSRP...well if its faster than a R600 Need some benchmarks though.Quote

27-03-2007, 07:58:41

Gotta love the graphics "game". nVidia are just playing it as usual. This time though I don't know whether ATI will have a product that has better IQ...unlike the X1800/X1900 series.Quote

27-03-2007, 13:33:28

why is it ATi are always so late introducing new technology?? it was the same for 9.0C as well, Nvidia are always first to bring it out then ATi follow second :SQuote

27-03-2007, 13:35:26

But NVIDIA rushes them out whereas ATI don't, e.g. the whole FX series was shocking. But I still love NVIDIA Quote

27-03-2007, 14:19:33

^^ fanboy. But seriously, $1000? the most expensive (gamer targeted) card ever?Quote

27-03-2007, 14:54:52

PP Mguire
Damn, thats really exspensive. Can you say prive gouging?Quote

27-03-2007, 15:48:10

8800GTS FTW!

Im sorry Nvidia, you have just lost some respect from moi... $1000 is fooking outrageous! Quote

27-03-2007, 19:04:18

US$1000 doesn't surprise me as a minority of people will be prepared to pay the going rate for the fastest GPU out there. It's getting more and more expensive to stay at the bleeding edge. I gave up a long time ago .Quote

27-03-2007, 19:08:06

Yes and then ATi will add an extra few MHZ and Pathways .. wont the ''compensation'' competition end .. helltoit as long i can run 2142 @ 1600*1200 in all beauty i wont b upgrading

Not to mention you cant run F@H on nvidia (but they had to release that compiler didnt they)Quote

28-03-2007, 05:50:40

Mr. Smith
$1000 bucks... This has to be something more special than an OC'd 8800GTX.

Any details of architecture/specs?Quote

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